Tower Heroes: How to Complete Carol’s Wishlist (Christmas 2023 Update)

Who’s going to complete mine?!

Tower Heroes Bustling Bakery

Meeting someone’s expectations is quite difficult sometimes when trying to achieve or fulfill a wish list. This applies to both real life Christmas parties you never planned on attending and the Christmas event for Tower Heroes.

One of the side activities that will keep you occupied will be to complete Carol’s wish listuntil the end of the event.

Here’s a guide that will show you what she actually wants instead of having to play a very long guessing game. Keep on reading the rest of the guide to know more about what you need to get!

How to Complete Carol’s Wishlist (Christmas 2023 Update)

Carols wish list is divided into four tiers. Completing the wish list also requires you to collect cookies in order to get special skins. Here are the other items included in the wish list:

Feel free to use to the Table of Contents below to easisly navigate the guide!

Each item on the wish list will have their own objective in order for you to obtain them. Keep reading the guide to get the details!

Tower Heroes Carol


Snowflakes have a 1/80 chance per wave to spawn on any map. All you have do to do when they shop up is to kill them to get a cookie.

Tower Heroes Pirate Panic


You can encounter Overcooked in the Bustling Bakery. In order for him to show up, you’re going to have to destroy every Gingerbread scattered throughout the map.

The Gingerbread have 500 HP, so it’s recommended to use Maitake. Dumpster Child does not burn, so he along with Yasuke is ideal for dealing with Overcooked.

Tower Heroes Bustling Bakery

Stan the Spam

To activate Stan the Spam, your opponent has to use the Pop-ups sabotage on you during a match. He also has a chance to spawn on the billboard in the lobby. You must enter the phone number in Codes in the lobby. The code starts 1-800-STAN-SPAM- and ends with 4+ random numbers, different for every account

If encountered during a match, close all of the pop-ups until you see Stan himself. Don’t forget the random numbers when taking the number from his ad. After that you can just enter the code and redeem it whenever you want.

Tower Heroes Stan The Spam

Cage Creep

Caged Creep has a random chance to spawn from any regular, big, or boss caged monster. The same goes for Wrapped Monsters as well.

Tower Heroes Glowing Glacier

Tallest Snowman

Place a Wizard with the Snowman Skin or El Goblino with the Snow Trapper Skin in Glowing Glacier. Getting a wizard means beating Glowing Glacier on easy.

Once you have the respective skins, place them in between the three other snowmen. After the normal boss, the Tallest Snowman will spawn in next.

Tower Heroes Glowing Glacier


Activating Crank will have you feed him mana 10 times. The price will increase by 2500 every time he’s fed and will cost you a total of 137,500. He’ll spawn in immediately after you feed him for the tenth time.

Tower Heroes Crank


Snowball spawns when there’s a total of 15 summons on the path at once. It spawns in with 15,000 HP. However, it won’t deal any damage to the base and will keep the HP on the next time it spawns.

Tower Heroes Snowball


You need to put out the flames on the exit of Sweet Sunrise using Soda Pop. That’s the giant birthday cake on the other end of the map. The Pastrysaur will spawn after the boss.

Tower Heroes Sweet Sunrise

Frosty Mountain

Grab a lantern in the corner of the 0bby room along with a canteen in the left corner of the Clothing room.

After that, you need to complete the Story Mode Quest and keep Tori Alive. The quest will give you your own towers to use so there’s no need to fuss about while preparing.

Tower Heroes Tori Story Mode


Your opponent has to use the Wave Taxes Sabotage on you during Battle Mode. Scrooge won’t spawn in if you have modifiers equipped.

Tower Heroes Uncle Scrooge

Festive Enemies

Festive enemies will have a random chance to replace a Goblin, Ghost, Spider, or Reaper. Defeat a total of 10 to get a cookie. Increase your chances by playing on Pirate Panic or Frantic Forest.

Tower Heroes Pirate Panic


Mochi has a random chance of appearing on any Christmas map. You can also try your luck on Glowing Glacier, Bustling Bakery, Sweet Sunrise, Toy Takeover, and Frigid Forest.

He does not damage the base and makes you feel bad for killing him.

Tower Heroes Glowing Glacier

Frozen Fish

To make the Frozen Fish appear, you must freeze a Fish enemy using a level 5 Jester.

Tower Heroes Frozen Fish

Lil Chip

Go to either Wafer or Chef’s fan art board in the lounge. Another option is to simply use the search bar and click on him.

Do that and a cookie clicker minigame will appear. Get a total of 50,000 cookies to be able to buy Lil Chip.

Additionally, you can get a Golden Lil Chip as well for the price of 100,000,000 cookies.

This, however, is not part of the wish list.

Tower Heroes Lounge

Toothy Deer Man

Finding the Toothy Deer Man will take you to the Frigid Fortress. Go behind the fortress and you’ll find a melted snowball with some antlers on it.

All you have to do once you find the hidden snowball is click on it.

Tower Heroes Frigid Fortress


Find Lumber on the Abandoned Alleyway map. What you have to do next is place any buildable or player morphs in front of him until he explodes.

Lumber will spawn once the Shade boss is defeated. Don’t use any fences regardless of level, Lumber will just plow through them and tell you hurtful words for doing so.

To have a fighting chance, bring in Byte or El Goblino with you.

Tower Heroes Abandoned Alleyway

And that’s how you complete Carol’s wish list in Tower Heroes. You better get back to work, you have long list to fulfill!

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