Manor Lords: How To Get Livestock (Sheep, Cows & Horses)

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Manor Lords How To Get Livestock (Sheep, Cows & Horses)

One of the most satisfying things to see in city builders is to see that a production line finally works. It usually means you did everything right and now you can enjoy the stuff that’s being produced. Production lines can’t start without its most basic parts though, like livestock for farms!

In Manor Lords, you can build livestock farms like ones for Sheep so that you can produce wool. Wool is needed for linen which is then used for clothes. That’s all good but how do you get sheep or other livestock in the first place? In this guide, we’ll show you how you can get Livestock in the game. We’ll go through the different ways you can get them so you can start producing stuff!

How To Get Livestock (Sheep, Cows & Horses)

One of the main things you’ll want to do in Manor Lords is upgrade your Burgage Plot or the houses of your citizens. To upgrade them to the higher levels, you’ll need to start producing stuff like cotton for Linen. For that, you’ll need to buy livestock like sheep. So, how do you do that?

SIDE NOTE: You’ll need to get some sheep to upgrade Burgage plots in the game. Here’s a guide on how to upgrade Burgage plots for more details!

These are the steps we’ll be taking to get Livestock in the game:

  1. Build either a Livestock Trading post or a Hitching Post
  2. Click on the Buy Buttons for the Hitching Posts.
  3. Select Import in the Livestock Trading Posts.
  4. Set the number of livestock you need.
  5. Set the trade to Import.
  6. Wait for the livestock to be imported!

This article continues with a detailed walkthrough down below!

Detailed Walkthrough

When you start the game, you’ll start with a Hitching Post and that’s where the Oxen stays. Having more Oxes can be useful to speed up building, so you’ll want to build more or upgrade the post. Doing that won’t give you a new Oxen though, since you’ll need to buy them first!

To buy livestock from the Hitching Post is simple. All you need to do is select it and then press the button to buy what you need. That can be an Oxen or a Horse, but that’s not all the livestock you buy!

Manor Lords Hitching Post

If you’re planning on producing cotton for clothes, then you’ll need Sheep. To do that, you’ll want to buy a Livestock Trading Post. Once you’ve built one, select it and then select the trade tab.

There, you can see the livestock that you can buy. Select the “No Trade” drop-down menu to the left of the animal you want to buy and set it to Import. You’ll then need to set how many you want for your village using the + or – button.

Manor Lords Livestock Trader

Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to assign a family to the Livestock Trading Post and wait for the animals to be bought. Make sure you have Hitching Posts or Pastures ready to store these animals!

That’s how you can get Livestock like Sheep, Cows, and Horses in Manor Lords. Now, go out there and try it out yourself! Did you accidentally build roads somewhere and want them gone? Check out our guide on how to delete roads for more information!


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