Tower Heroes: How To Solo Defeat Neopoltitan (Hard Mode Challenge)

I don’t think I want ice cream anymore.

Tower Heroes Sunrise Neopoltitan

Ice cream melts rather easily, so why doesn’t it do the same thing in Tower Heroes? Thawing this giant frozen confection is what players have been dealing with lately, and not a lot has had any good stories to tell since the only thing they’ve been experiencing is constant defeat.

There is a way to solo the Neopoltitan, yes you heard that correctly. With this guide, you won’t be needing any of your friends to help you out if you have any. Just keep on reading to find out what you need to make use of.

How To Solo Defeat Neopoltitan (Hard Mode Challenge)

Neopoltitan has a decent amount of health, and that’s being modest. However, he moves rather slowly due to his size. He also launches two ice cubes which freeze your towers just like Sherbert.

You can use the same strategy that worked on Sherbert with the use of Spectre and Balloon Pal. Strong Ranged units, or Stella can work as well.

Tower Heroes Sunrise

Detailed Guide

Upon starting, place 3 level 1 Farms first. After that you can go and place 2 level 1 Wizards, by wave four you need to have at least 4 Wizards on Level 2

You’ll need 4 upgrade cats as well, keep doing this until you get a Scientist for your fifth upgrade cat to the max level. This will do you some good until you reach wave 15.

By the time you get to wave 15, you should already have at least 2 max level farms. Along with that should be 2 more Level 4 Farms and 1 Balloon Pal. Stop upgrading your cats by wave 17.

At the end, your goal will be having a total of 4 max level Scientists, one max level Balloon Pal, and Max Spectre. This set up will last you until wave 24.

Tower Heroes Sunrise Neopoltitan

If you go beyond wave 24 place the remaining max Scientists and Wizards. You should also save at least 10,000 for a Spectre Boost.

Use this boost when all of your units are able to hit the approaching Neopoltitan. Sell your Scientists and Wizards if their attacks aren’t hitting and keep making use of Balloon Pal’s special ability.

Tower Heroes Sunrise

And that’s how you can solo Neopoltitan in Tower Heroes without using Stella. Tell your friends that you managed to completely protect your base once all the flashing lights are gone!

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