Trident Survival V2: Complete Starter Guide

How to not die.

Trident Survival V2 Starter guide
Trident Survival V2 Starter guide

There are things that old players of Trident Survival V2 have learned but won’t share with beginners. To survive in a world where the only enemies are fellow players takes a lot of knowledge, preparations, and most importantly, experience. That’s what this starter guide is all about.

The Rust experience in experienced players know it’s about trial and errors, but what if you’re a complete noob? You might still get bullied, but this guide can help make it less bad. Credits go to experienced survivor Alpios on YouTube.

Trident Survival V2 Starter Guide

We’ll cover everything from the server options and best game modes to try, basic survival skills, and the best place to build your base. Refer below to jump to the section you’re looking for:

Server Types and Team Modes

There are five types of servers available in the game. Verified and VIP are generally the most preferred servers to play in because they have genuine users, anti-cheat system, and fair gameplay. Obviously, you need VIP to play in the VIP server and the choice is often limited.

Unverified and the Ban Land in Custom mode are filled with cheaters and anyone who isn’t verified. Anyone can play there, and it can be pretty chaotic, so avoid these places if you’re looking for a more serious game.

Upon spawning into a server, you’ll be told that you’ve been killed by a random cause. Nothing to worry about, it’s just to let you Random Spawn on the map.

Surviving & Base Building

Once you spawn, wherever it is, make sure to immediately get yourself the Stone Hammer for faster harvesting. It takes only 20 Wood and 20 Cobblestones. Simply left click any rocks and trees you see on the way to harvest them.

There will be certain items/equipment in the Crafting menu as well that is unlocked by the basic and advanced workbench. So, if you’re looking forward to progressing, you’d have to first make one for yourself.

Trident Survival V2 starter guide

Head over to any of these blocks because they’re the closes to nearby resource points. But at the same time, these are places that’s going to also be crowded with others with the same idea. It’s also easier to get raided because these are locations that are often visited by others.

The desert makes your wooden house and character easy to spot. Similar thing can be said in the snowy area, but they have more trees to hide in. Open your map by pressing G.

Trident Survi

Now, unto the base building aspect. Craft a Building Kit to access the building function which is by pressing R. You can do a simple square-shaped house.

But here’s an important simple trick: Make a triangle base at the end here with triple doorways. Why? This small space is a great way to stop door campers. This will prevent players to immediately enter your base and is blocked by another door when you’re leaving.

After you finish building your base, place your Claim Totem and Respawn Totem. The first one is to prevent your base from deteriorating. If it’s red, you’ll lose your wooden base in a matter of minutes. The respawn totem is to send you back home when you die outside.

The Claim Totem requires materials to keep the house structure. Make sure to refill this regularly to prevent it from deteriorating.

Crafting Weapons

Now, it’s time to head out to mine the rocks and chop the trees. You will need a lot of Nitratores, Iron Ores, and later, steel. These yellow rocks contain Iron Ores, and the white ones have Nitratore.

Trident Survival V2 starter guide

You’re going to need a Smelter to process the ores. Iron Ores will become Iron and Nitratore will become Nitrates. Smelting Iron Ores with Nitrate and Cobblestone will turn into Steel, which is a more advanced materials for better constructions and guns.

The by-product of smelting is Charcoal, and you don’t want to throw them away. Charcoal is essential to craft weapons, bombs, etc. So, make sure to store them! You should also take care not to smelt multiple items because it’ll drop the Charcoal and despawn them.

Exploration and Looting

With basic weapons, head over to the Town and Warehouse for basic needs and materials. The Bunker next to the Storage Containers is also pretty decent, but the more center you go which is towards the Laboratory, the more chaotic it gets.

As a beginner, you just want to loot these boxes because they contain items and ingredients you cannot craft on your own.

While exploring, you must keep an eye out of the Airdrop which happens every half an hour. They can drop pretty fancy endgame items but avoid other players especially if you started in the middle of the week. Because a lot of them would’ve been iron or steel-equipped.

That’s all for the starter guide on Trident Survival V2. Once you’ve got the basics nailed, it’s then a game of wits and a lot of luck!

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