Type Soul: Best Essence Tier List

Use the best essence in the game.

Essences in Type Soul are usually associated with specific characters or classes, and they can have a substantial impact on how a player battles and interacts with the game world. To gain an Essence, you must participate in Ranked matches and Clan Wars. For you to use the Essence, you must put at least 40 points into the applicable skill tree. Since every essence has different kinds of boosts, there are some essences better than the other ones as well. In this Type Soul Best Essence Tier List, we are going to put them into tiers for you to see the best essence you can get in the game.

Best Essence Tier List

Essence refers to special skills or power-ups that players can get and use while playing. These essences frequently bestow unique talents, moves, or boosts on the player, improving their combat ability and overall performance in the game.

In this Type Soul Best Essence Tier List, we will take a look at 10 essences. All essences are ranked based on their benefits, with S being the most powerful and C being the weakest.

Type Soul Best Essence Tier List

S Tier

  • Crazed Blitz: Avoids blocks, parry, dodge, counters, and the invisible sword.

Crazed Blitz is a must-have for the S tier, especially given its ability to bypass block, parry, dodge, counters, and even Unseen. Because you are already face-to-face with your opponent, the move is simple to execute by flinging someone into the air. In some circumstances, you can combine Crazed Blitz with additional moves, such as Shikai or partial res. So, it is a very solid Essence.

Crazed Blitz in the S Tier of Type Soul Essence Tier List.
  • Partial: Enables you make use of a third partial.

Partial Essence is an Arrancar class essence. This Essence really shines when you use a res where all their moves are solid, such as light, volcanic, and vamp.

Partial  in the S Tier of Type Soul Essence Tier List.
  • Horizon Core: Cuts through enemies and delivers True Pierce (ignores armor).

We can absolutely say that’s an S-tier Essence, especially given the number of applications it has. The move effectively serves as a superior Split Gate for people who dislike running it. Especially since the move can sometimes simply go straight through the block.

However, you can use this Essence as a get-out-of-jail-free card against Hak Combos, followed by a vertical down for an easy bar. Aside from that, it does a lot of damage, applies true Pierce, and can even replenish Rei if you have difficulties keeping up.

Horizon Core in the S Tier of Type Soul Essence Tier List.
  • Unseen Blade: Accelerates your attack.

This essence falls somewhere between the S and A tiers because the move is quite effective at evading attacks. Particularly Hak combos. The move is further improved by Lets and Visard, and it combos into Fast Fang for good damage.

But the reason we say it is in limbo is that your opponents can block and even delay this essence in some circumstances. So, most of the time, you cannot simply throw it out there and expect it to land. Especially in high ELO rankings. Therefore, for that one, you’ll need to use your intellect. Because of that, we will rank it at S, just below Horizon. They are merely competing with each other right now.

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Unseen Blade in the S Tier of Type Soul Essence Tier List.

A Tier

  • Shattered Comet: An arrow of Reiatsu slams into the earth, shattering into a shower of fragments that explode on impact.

Shattered Comet is an excellent move for crowd control, especially in raids. It not only hits a vast radius in front of you. But it also avoids party members, which is quite useful. The move can also hit behind a block and cause significant damage, as well as ragdoll.

Shattered Comet in the A Tier of Type Soul Essence Tier List.

B Tier

  • Bala Fireworks: Area-effect damage that also stuns enemies.

It does not cause much damage, especially if it is not point-blank. However, with proper setup, it is possible to make it function. One issue with the essence is that the explosion afterward is not real. Thus you can easily parry or dodge it. But aside from that, it still delivers excellent damage, therefore our perspective, it is an okay essence.

Bala Firework in the B Tier of Type Soul Essence Tier List.

C Tier

  • Teppusatsu: Pre-aim at the floor with a target, and attack with a pure Reiatsu light.

This essence recently received a significant nerf, decreasing its duration from 4 seconds to 1 second. Making it much less effective at keeping people stunned right now. We are not sure why it is not being pushed in ranked, but once it is, we believe Teppusatsu could be in the B tier. Even with one second, you can use your Shai to deal some excellent burst damage if you build it correctly.

Teppusatsu in the C Tier of Type Soul Essence Tier List.
  • Gran Raikoho: Close-range Reiatsu blast.

We are not sure because there has not been much content created for this essence. So we are not sure if it is blockable, parryable, dodgeable, or what the cooldown is for this move. The essence feels quite situational given how it only shines when you strike multiple people with it. Meaning this probably is not as optimal as Tatu, which is good in any situation.

Gran Raikoho in the C Tier of Type Soul Essence Tier List.
  • Fusion: It lets you combine with another player who has 40 Healing and gain further bonuses.

This Essence has a number of issues, particularly with the M1 variant. It deals with a lot of bugs when you combine with someone else, especially since it occasionally ruins your character and leaves you stuck and dying. However, the Fusion M2 is better than the M1 variant. It allows you to roll a second version, such as Dodge or Regen, on top of your existing hero variant.

So, this is quite useful, especially since the Essence also increases your damage. However, it comes at the cost of requiring 40 medics to use. Therefore, the Essence, or even the build itself, is not quite optimal for damage output, especially with the duration of Nerf and all of the medic Nerfs that were implemented across the board.

Fusion in the C Tier of Type Soul Essence Tier List.
  • Territorial Mark: Marks an opponent so that only you and they can strike each other. Good for group fighting.

You can use this essence on both foes and allies, although its effectiveness is highly situational, particularly in 1v1s. The only way we can think of to use Territorial is if you had a medic friend who healed you within 20 seconds of being marked. Aside from that, we cannot think of any other potential applications, especially with such a long cooldown.

Territorial Mark in the C Tier of Type Soul Essence Tier List.

This is our Type Soul Best Essence Tier List. Remember that this list purely depends on personal opinions. Feel free to share your own opinions by leaving a comment below! Before you leave, make sure to check out our guide on How To Play Medic as well.


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