Type Soul: Best Skill Tree Tier List

Is Speed the best?

Type Soul: Official Skill Tree Tier List

Different skill trees in Type Soul have created so much variety and this official skill tree tier list will be a good one to refer to when it comes to which you should focus on. We’ll discuss about how good the skill trees are to Arrancar, Quincy, and Soul Reaper. Let’s get into it!

Official Skill Tree Tier List

There are currently 5 different skill trees in Type Soul: Hakuda, Healing, Kendo, Kido, and Speed. Each of the skill tree has a vast range of skills that you can mix and match in the game. While Speed was initially the ultimate skill tree everyone use to outplay other players, the tier list has shifted.

Here’s what the tier list looks like. Of course, your playstyle and your opponent’s skill level matters.

Type Soul: Official Skill Tree Tier List

Now let’s talk about their tier:

S-Tier (Kendo)

Soul Reaper and Arrancar can be absolute monster with Kendo. Even with the nerf, Kendo remains a strong skill tree. The sheer damage along with the easiness to land your hits makes it such an amazing skill tree to run with.

This is not to say that Quinices are bad with Kendo–they’re still very strong. But Kendo is just exceptionally good on melee characters.

Skill Tree for Hakuda, Kendo, and Kido.

S-Tier (Kido)

Kido is one of the easiest skill trees in the game because of the sheer range and damage you can do with this skill tree. That’s what makes Kido so good in the game. As long as you know how to keep distance and deal damage, you’re good.

A-Tier (Hakuda)

Quincy and Arrancar pairs well with Hakuda because of the additional Kido moves for Arrancar and the legendary weapon for Quincy. Hakuda is all about landing strong combos which will wipe out your opponent if you can land a few of it.

Soul Reapers alone may struggle a little because of the lacking M1 damage. It can also be parried and countered by competitive players.

A-Tier (Healer)

The Healer is more of a skill tree on a side with other skill trees. It’s very strong, especially if you know when to use it. Reiatsu Push, Self-Heal, and Healing Circle are just some to mention when it comes to the best skills to get from this tree.

Skill Tree for Healing and Speed.

B-Tier (Speed)

Speed came out as a powerful skill tree at first. It’s at least especially annoying to deal with and can be used to troll other players to this day. But due to how often Speed was abused, many seasoned players have found it one of the easiest to counter.

Though Speed has good combos, they’re not powerful enough. In comparison, Speed players have to be very careful in avoiding hits because they need to land nearly twice as many combos as other skill trees.

And that concludes for the official skill tree tier list for Type Soul. Check out our other tier list for the best weapons in the game!


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