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Why settle for less? Bring the best sword.

Type Soul is a Roblox game that is inspired by the popular Bleach anime and manga. In Type Soul, you will be able to choose which class you can be, from Soul Reapers to the Hollows. If you choose any class that is humanoid in nature, then you will be able to use weapons in the game, which there are tons of. But not all of them are going to be good. Sometimes, people avoid some of the weapons in the game because they’re not as good as they should be. In this tier list, I am going to show you the best weapons you can use in Type Soul.

Best Weapons Tier List

The Tier List for all weapons in Type Soul.

Before we get started, please know that this tier list is 100% opinionated and not factual. This is a tier list that we believe are the best weapons in the game. Of course, you are free to make your own opinion of the weapons in the game. Maybe you will find one weapon is better than another. This is just a tier list that a lot of players in the community agree on.

With that said, here is the tier list for all of the weapons in the game:

S Tier

  • Longsword – Currently the most broken weapon in the game, the Longsword is able to attack at lightning-fast speeds compared to the other weapons. It also has combo starters, combo extenders, and even high critical chance for those guard breaking needs. Plus, high range of the attack due to its length.
  • Bloodedge – A powerful weapon that is able to do high critical damage, instant guard breaking, great reach with its attacks, and can combo when done right. Bloodedge also has some of the best movement as well.
  • Quilge – The Quilge is a Quincy weapon that can do massive damage right now. It has an attack that can do instant guard break. Not only that, but when hit with this weapon, you will get slowed down and even stunned in place, making it hard to move.
  • Warden – Warden is a dangerous weapon in the right hands of those who can use it well. If used well, it is possible to do combos infinitely, as the weapon is able to pull in anyone who is caught in the attack.
  • Dagger – The Dagger, despite its size, is a great weapon when you want to attack people from afar. It has great reach, amazing instant guard break, and the attacks are quick and fast.
  • Quincy Glock – If bows and arrows aren’t for you, then bring a glock to the fight. The Quincy Glock, while not as powerful as the other weapons in the S tier, is still strong enough to deal damage from afar while being able to keep you safe. And since it’s a gun, you are able to attack at a faster rate.

A Tier

  • Shikai Katana – Despite being a basic weapon, the Shikai Katana is an amazing weapon that can deal a lot of damage if you are able to do combos with it. It also has amazing damage with its high critital chance and the range.
  • Ulqoirra – The Ulqoirra katana was once a meta weapon in the game. Having recently been nerfed, it doesn’t hit as much as it used to. That doesn’t mean it’s now bad, because despite the nerf, the Ulqoirra is still able to hit enemies with its amazing hit box and high crit chance.
  • Nnoitra – Easily an S tier weapon, but since it might fall in the hands of those who are beginners, Nnoitra is an A tier weapon that can still do some fairly good damage, especially since its critical attacks can cripple an enemy.
  • Grimjow Claws – The Grimjow Claws is a fantastic piece of weapon that is able to instantly guard break an enemy’s guard before launching them in the air. This is perfect if you want to do combos and combo extenders as well.
  • Harribel’s Dagger – Similar to the Grimjow Claws, this small but powerful dagger is able to instantly break your enemy’s guard, but only if you are able to do a critical attack. If you do not have a high critical stat, then this weapon might not be all that useful.
  • Ink Shikai – Overall a great Shikai to use compared to some of the other Shikai’s. It is perfectly balanced with having great attacks and great range. But since it is balanced, it doesn’t have anything besides that to stand out.
  • Anti Thesis – Anti Thesis is a solid weapon for those that want reach and high critical chances. It doesn’t really offer much besides that, as the attacks aren’t really good.
  • Fans – A fantastic weapon for those who prefer doing AoE attacks, the Fans is a weapon to behold in the hands of the right user. Not only does it have good AoE attacks, but it also has high critical chances for those instant guard breakings.
  • Flower Shikai – A great weapon to use when you want to hit enemies from multiple angles. The Flower Shikai can be a monster in the right hands.
  • Barragan – Another weapon that famously does high crit damage with an instant guard break. It also has good attacks and medium range.
  • Cutlass – The Cutlass is a weapon that doesn’t really have a lot going for it besides the instant guard break, which is its saving grace. Its attacks are not all that crazy, but it does gain its spot for being able to do guard breaks.

B Tier

  • Quincy Claws – Before Warden, the Quincy Claws were peoples go to weapon. But after Warden is now in the game, it’s not really a viable weapon anymore. It’s still good, but it’s not that good compared to the Warden.
  • Quincy Shield – Despite the name, the Quincy Shield is able to attack while still defending. Although it doesn’t do a lot of damage and is only useful for defense, it does have an instant guard break that puts it at where it is on the list.
  • Spear – The Spear has a high range with some good amount of damage, but it’s overall not that interesting to use compared to the other weapons.
  • Wonderweiss – Wonderweiss, while it does have great damage and instant guard break, is a slow weapon to use. If you are not used to slow weapons, then using this weapon will probably just irritate you.
  • Dual Blade – The Dual Blade has fast attacks and good damage, but it doesn’t really have a ton of critical attacks besides the lunge critical attack.
  • Hammer – Not the best weapon to use, but one that will help if you have no choice. The Hammer is a powerful but slow weapon. You can still do tons of damage with it, just don’t expect to do a lot of critical damage as it does have low crit damage.

C Tier

  • Base Quincy Sword – The sword isn’t all that great, to be honest. The Base Quincy Sword is only useful when you have to shoot it (yes, you can) and hit enemies for a critical attack. But besides that, there’s no real reason to use this weapon.
  • Nelliel – Nelliel wasn’t that big of a weapon before, but after the update, it has essentially fallen out of grace. But the main reason this weapon isn’t good is because the critical hit box is small. It’s almost impossible to get a critical attack with this.
  • Twin Blade – The Twin Blade has some fast attacks, but it doesn’t really do well in the critical attacks department. Plus, damage isn’t that great for both base and critical damage.
  • Scythe – While the Scythe has great range and can pull in enemies with its critical attacks, the slowness of the Scythe is a major turn off for some people.

D Tier

  • Greatsword – A sword that isn’t really that good, but most would use it because it is the weapon of choice for Ichigo Kurosaki. The Greatsword is slow to use, has horrible critical hit box, and the damage isn’t even that good compared to the other weapons.

F Tier

  • SR Hakuda – Quite possibly the worst weapon in the game for most players. Not really worth using when there are so many other good options. Even Greatsword is a better option that this.

That’s all you need to know about the best and worst weapons in this tier list for Type Soul. Did this tier list help you decide which weapons you are going for? Let us know in the comments below.

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