Type Soul: Complete Trading Guide

Hogyoku Fragments, essences, elixir, and more!

Type Soul: Complete Trading Guide

Trading in Type Soul can be literal gamechangers as you learn which trade is worth and which isn’t. We’re going to show you the value list of items from the trade hub. Learn how much your essences and tokens are worth in the game and engage in healthy tradings.

Complete Trading Guide

Type Soul trading can be tricky with people sharing different thoughts on the value of items. Not to mention there are a lot of people who will attempt to maximize their own gains. And it’s easy to fall for scams where you think your item is worth less than what it is when you have no list to compare to!

Type Soul items.

So here we’re going to share how a trade list that will help you trade smartly!

ItemValueDemandTrendObtained from
Teppapatsu Essencen/a9n/aRanked
Shattered Comet Essencen/a10n/aRanked, Clan Wars
Black Flash Dustn/a9n/aClan Wars
Crazed Blitz Essence14085Ranked
Partial Essence12075Ranked
Cybernatic Box8085Boss Drop
Fusion Essence7064Ranked
Bala Firework Essence7055Ranked
Unseen Blade Essence6075Ranked
Flashstep Color RR4094Boss Drop, Dev Product
Horizon Essence4065Ranked
World Ticket4085Dev Product
Custom Clothing Token2085Dev Product
True Hogyoku2055Ranked, Boss Drop, Raid
Vastocar/Vizard Variant RR1565Ranked, Dev Product
Purple Elixir1575Ranked, Clan Wars, Raid
Territorial Mark Essence1045Ranked, Clan Wars, Boss Drop, Raid
Advance Shunko RR345Ranked, Dev Product
Cero Elixir235Ranked
Hogyoku Fragment1.565Ranked, Boss Drop, Raid
Skill Box1.555Ranked, Boss Drop, Raid
Shikai/Volt/Res RRs1105Ranked, Dev Product
Arrancar Mask RRs175Ranked, Dev Product
Eyes RRs195Ranked, Dev Product
Face RR.575Ranked, Dev Product
Marking RR.375Ranked, Dev Product
Clan RRs.2545Ranked, Dev Product

So, whenever someone offers you a trade, use the value to calculate how much they’re offering. Compare that to the items you’re offering to get a gist of whether you’re winning or losing out on the trade.

And that’s it for the trade list guide for Type Soul! We hope this helps you make better trading decisions. Next up, we’ve got Updated Vizard Obtainment Method guide for you looking to get the new Vizard.


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