Type Soul: How To Do Stage 3 Full Resurrection Guide

Unleash your power, Arrancars!

Stage 3 for the Arrancar race progression is Full Resurrection, which gives them full access to their strongest powers in Type Soul.

Thanks to a recent update, unlocking Stage 3 has been reworked slightly, too. It’s not a tad easier and less random than it used to be, thankfully!

If you’re an Arrancar eager to reach your full potential, read on. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the reworked Stage 3 unlock method.

How To Do Stage 3 Full Resurrection Guide | Prerequisites

Stage 2 Arrancar | Type Soul: How To Do Stage 3 Full Resurrection Guide

To be able to unlock Stage 3 Full Resurrection as an Arrancar, you must first reach Grade 2. To do that, you’ll need to complete Stage 1 and Stage 2.

You must also be at Elite Grade Level to start, which you can achieve by completing Missions.

To complete Stage 1, you must achieve one of these 3 objectives:

  • Win 15-25 Raids.
  • Win 25-30 Ranked PvP matches.
NPC “V – Unrivaled, Unequaled” location

You must then speak to the NPC “V – Unrivaled, Unequaled” in the Rural Side of Karakura Town. He can be found inside a fairly nondescript house, marked in the image above.

Then, for Stage 2, you must complete three different objectives without dying. Dying even once will reset your progress for Stage 2! Anyway, these are the objectives you need to complete:

  • Grip 15 Elite Grade enemies of opposing factions.
  • Kill 80 total Hollows.
  • Defeat 1 boss. You can either defeat Bawabawa in Hueco Mundo or Jidanbo in Soul Society.

Finally achieve all of the objectives and you’ll be able to ascend further to Stage 3!

Of course, what we described above is just a basic outline of the requirements. For a more detailed guide on how to complete Stage 1 and Stage 2, check out our detailed progression guide.

Stage 3 Full Resurrection | How to Do It After the Latest Patch

Menos Cave location

When you have everything ready to get Full Resurrection for your Arrancar, you’ll need to head to Hueco Mundo.

Once there, look for the Menos Cave. It’s on the edge of a cliff, next to a massive branch or root of sorts. You can climb up the branch to reach the cave.

Meditation | Type Soul: How To Do Stage 3 Full Resurrection Guide

Enter the cave and you’ll find a sword. Approach it and Meditate next to it by pressing the M key. As of this writing, you only need to Meditate for 10 seconds instead of the usual 2 minutes!

However, we expect that the longer timer will be restored later on via an update, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Now, you will be in a spiritual world of sorts with a bunch of Hollow statues. Also, an enemy will spawn and try to hunt you down, so stay on the move!

Blue-tinted eyes

Your goal here is to find the right statue for you, which used to be completely random until the current version as of this writing. Instead, you now have to look for the statue that has a blue tint in its eyes.

Comparison of eye types

It’s very hard to see, and it doesn’t show up well in screenshots. But, the “correct” statue now has a blue tint to the white glow of their eyes.

It’s very faint and hard to see, but it’s definitely there! You might need to tinker with the camera and zoom in to notice it.

Graphics settings

We recommend setting the graphics to the lowest quality possible and then back to Max quality as it makes the blue stand out more.

Stage 3 Full Resurrection done

Either way, interact with the statue that has the blue tint in its eyes and you’ll unlock your Stage 3 Full Resurrection!

Pair your new powers with the best Arrancar weapon and you’re all set to take on the world in Type Soul.


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