Type Soul: How To Get Segunda

Segunda Etapa has some very sick attacks!

Type Soul: How To Get Segunda

If you are not aware of Type Soul, it is a Bleach inspired game on Roblox. It is free to play. The game has various locations you can explore. Type Soul gives you the choice to become Reaper, Hollow or a Quincy. You can select whatever interests you the most or you can try them all on different save files. This guide will be explaining the perquisites of getting Segunda Etapa and where to get it from. Continue reading to learn more about it.

Complete Guide on How To Get Segunda

In order to obtain Segunda Etapa, you need to fulfill its two requirements which are mentioned below.

  • You need to be a Vastocar.
  • You must have Full Res.

I will be giving a brief explanation on how to get Vasto Lorde and Full Res if you do not know how to get them. One more thing, Storm, Shark, Vamp, Starrk and Bone all have Segunda Etapa.

NOTE: If you already have Vastocar and Full Res, you can skip to the Segunda Etapa part of this article.

How To Get Vasto Lorde

Vasto Lorde - Type Soul: How To Get Segunda

You can obtain Vasto Lorde through the following steps:

  1. Start out as a Hollow in one of the HM Servers (this will take you to Hueco Mundo).
  2. You will start out as a Fishbone and you need to become a Menos (tall black creatures) by defeating it and eating its corpse (press G for that). Killing a Menos as a Fishbone is hard so you can ask your friends to help you out (although get the last hit on the Menos for it to count as your kill).
  3. You can also become a Menos by eating 2 Hollows.
  4. Once you are a Menos, defeat an Adjucha and eat its corpse to become one.
  5. After becoming an Adjucha, simply defeat other Adjuchas to get Mask Cracks. You need to get 25 Mask Cracks.
  6. You get 2 Mask Cracks from defeating an NPC Adjucha and you can also steal another player’s Mask Cracks by defeating their Adjucha. You will lose 5 Mask Cracks if you die.

Once you get 25 Mask Cracks, there are two ways through which you can obtain Vasto Lorde which are mentioned below.

Boss Method

You can get Vasto Lorde by defeating the boss that randomly appears after you have collected 25 Mask Cracks. You need to search for the boss by following the Text Messages and Lines that appear on your screen. Finding this boss may take more than 30 minutes (or quicker if you are lucky). Be attentive as you are searching for the boss as it will suddenly spawn without any warning or message.

NOTE: Do not Server HOP once you get 25 Mask Cracks as your appearance will change a little bit and other players will be able to tell that you have 25 Mask Cracks. They will come after you to steal your hard-earned Mask Cracks.

Once you find the boss, defeat it and eat its corpse to transform into a Vasto Lorde. The boss is quite tanky so you might have to resort to cheesing it (the boss can not follow you up to a high rock so you can use that to your advantage).

Albino Method

You can also get Vasto Lorde through this method instead of searching for the boss. You need to have a friend or another Roblox account for this to work. Once you get 25 Mask Cracks as an Adjucha, login back into the server to become an Albino.

Repeat this entire process with your other account (or have your friend do it). Defeat the other Albino and you will transform into a Vasto Lorde.


After transforming into a Vasto Lorde, you can press Ctrl + K to rip off your mask and become a Vastocar.

NOTE: If you want a more thorough explanation of this entire process then check this guide: How To Spawn Vasto Lorde Fast + Boss Cheese Guide.

How To Get Full Res

Full Res from Anime - Type Soul: How To Get Segunda

Type Soul requires you to go through 3 Stages for obtaining Full Res. Before you start tackling those stages, make sure that you have reached Elite Grade Level as that is required as well.

1st Stage

  • Get 15 – 25 Raid Wins OR 25 – 30 Ranked Wins
  • Getting Ranked Wins is harder so I recommend going after Raid Wins.

Checking 1st Stage Progression:

To check Stage 1 progression, go to the NPC in the Warehouse located at the Rural Side of Karakura Town. You get different dialogs which represents different progression levels which are shown below:

  • (0%) – You will never become anything, compared to what I am.
  • (20%) – A couple of kills won’t get you anywhere, stop bothering me.
  • (40%) – Why do you keep coming back? You’re still pathetic.
  • (60%) – Maybe you’re not so bad after all, but I’m still not impressed.
  • (80%) – You’re quite unbelievable, you know that?
  • (100%) – Unequaled… Unrivaled. Go make me proud lil bro.

2nd Stage

You need to complete this stage without dying. If you die, you will have to start all over again. You can complete these requirements in any order you wish.

  • 80 Hollow Kills.
  • 15 Elite Kills (you can repeatedly kill one of your friends of the opposite Faction to make this part easier).
  • Kill 1 Jidanbo (boss found in Hueco Mundo) OR 1 Bawabawa (boss found in Soul Society).

3rd Stage

For this stage, first go to the Menos Cave which is located in Hueco Mundo. After you are there, you need to do the following things:

  • Meditate for 10 – 15 minutes (until your screen turns black) near the Sword that is etched into the ground.
  • You will spawn in a Maze where you have to find your Hollow.
  • If you fail in finding your Hollow in the maze, Grip 2 – 3 players (of opposing Factions) to get a shot at the Maze again. The Maze has a 10 minute cooldown.

Once you get the right Hollow, you will get your Full Res.

NOTE: For a more detailed walkthrough, you can check this guide: How To Get Bankai, Full Res & Volt Complete Guide.

Getting The Segunda Etapa

After you are eligible to get Segunda Etapa, make your way to the Menos Cave which you can find in Hueco Mundo. Use one of the trees to reach the Menos Cave.

Location of quest - Type Soul: How To Get Segunda

Inside the Menos Cave, you will find a Black Orb on top of the Sword.

Black Orb - Type Soul: How To Get Segunda

Interact with the Black Orb to get the Segunda Quest. To complete the Segunda Quest, you need to get 20 powerful Grips. What this means is you have to defeat 20 other players who are in their Bankai, Full Res or Volt states.

In order for the Grip to count as yours, you need to deal at least 80% of the damage. Which means you can not cheese your way through this. But you do not have to worry too much as you will not lose your current Grips if you happen to die.

This is it for this guide. In Type Soul, you will have to engage in a lot of battles. One thing that can help you out in those battles is using custom keybinds. I suggest checking this guide to learn more about it: How To Use Custom Keybinds.


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