Type Soul: New Best Skillbox Tier List

Learn about which skill box dominates the game!

Type Soul is another Roblox game on the list of many other user-generated games that’s dominating the gaming industry. It is inspired by a hit anime called Bleach. Join this action game to start your way as a lost soul and go on to become the best Reaper or most dangerous Hollow known to man. 

Type Soul has an amazing range of skillbox to choose from and new ones have even come to surface. So, stick around and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about each skillbox and its Tier.  

New Best Skillbox Tier List

Skill Boxes are Items that give your character powerful and high-level Skills when activated. Skills are given at random, but they are also chosen from a pool that is specific to each character type. 

The Skills you get from Skill Boxes are typically highly good and can define your build. To put it simply, you’d want to collect as many of them as possible!

Skill box tier list in Type Soul.

There are so many Skillbox but we can’t say all of them are the same level of powerful. That’s not to imply that this list is the one only true ranking. Whatever skillbox you end up with have their own perks and can absolutely assist you in combat or for strengthening your character. But don’t stop striving for the best!

Additionally, we don’t think that there are any Skillbox that fall under D Tier because most of them are pretty epic and the rest might fall below par but are still fantastic, nonetheless. That being said, let’s get started on which Skillbox stands out. 

S Tier

  • Discord: On the top of the lists ranks Discord. This skillbox is a debuff Skill and it increases the damage to the target by 30%. It is a part of the Healing Skills. It’s difficult to block and doge and overpowered which is why it’s high up on the list. 
  • Eviscerate: A lunge followed by a fast paced barrage of attacks. It also has great mobility. Your character is immune while using this Skill. This skill is a part of the Kendo Skills. 
  • Cero Fireflies: Third on the S tier list is Cero Fireflies. It summons fast-moving green orbs that close in on foes. The orbs chase in on your enemies, making it difficult to escape and thus, difficult to dodge so it’s guaranteed damage. It is one of the Arrancar Kido Skills
  • Holy thunder: The possibility to land this attack is almost 80 percent which makes it pretty decent and high up on the list. It goes through blocks and is almost like a free stun to the enemies. 
  • Ghost Cleave: Ghost Cleave is practically free damage to your enemy. It creates a powerful slash that moves your character forward. A part of the Speed Skills. 
  • Shori: This skill lets you teleport to a nearby enemy and throw them into the air with an uppercut. Part of the Hakuda. 
  • Double Shield: This is not the official name. When you activate your shield along with this skill box, it creates a powerful impenetrable barrier that lasts long making you immortal for that duration. 

A Tier

  • Kuyo Shibari: The best of the A tier is the Kuyo Shibari. It creates a dark circle that automatically targets the nearest enemy and temporarily stuns them. It is one of the Shinigami Kido Skills. 
  • Death Flair: Death Flair creates a stomp attack on the ground or a speedy combo in the air. In the air it essentially auto blocks breaks with multiple kicks. 
  • Strata Strike: This skill box creates a dash that slashes your opponent creating a large amount of damage. You can potentially be interrupted during its wind-up period. It is also a part of the Speed skills. 
  • Licht Regen: Licht Reagan creates a dash which is then followed by a leap into the air and then a barrage of explosive light emerging from above. You can use the dash to run up walls. It is a part of Quincy Kido. 
  • Zorn Gottes: A part of the Quincy Kido Skill box.Shoots electric arrows in the air and can shoot a blue beam from a distance.  
  • Sonata Flow: The Sonata Flow creates a sword uppercut followed by a couple of slashes. Part of the Kendo Skills.
  • Flash Fang: This skillbox is an AOE slash attack that deals rapid-fire damage to enemies in your vicinity and may stun them and deals high damage. This is more of a stationary move and is a part of the Speed skills because of how rapid and fast the slashes are. 
  • Goryu Tenmetsu: Lets you summon 3 purple dragons that follow your mouse position and deal heavy damage to your opponent. It’s easy to block this attack if you’re on the receiving end of it. It is a part of the Shinigami Kido Skills
  • Hollow Bite: The Hollow bite has a long wind-up time. It summons a huge skull on the ground that bites your opponent. It is one of the Arrancar Kido Skills. This is like a free stun but is also easily blockable for your enemies. 

B Tier

  • Amplifier: top of the B Tier list is Amplifier. Amplifier grants an ally a 20% buff to their Damage, Defense, or Attack Speed. The Buffed stat is chosen at random each time you activate it. This is one of the Healing Skills.
  • Gehenna: This is a ranged punch that hits the ground or creates a slam in the air. It inflicts Slow status in both forms. This can be a solid move if you follow up with an auto tracking kick.   A part of the Hakunda Skills
  • Bala Burner: This is one of the Arrancar Kido skills and it places an explosive device on an enemy. When the device explodes, it will potentially spread to up to 4 nearby enemies.
  • Crescent Relief: Crescent Relief is a type of skillbox that does high damage if you manage to land it. However, landing it may be difficult if your opponent is skilled themselves. This skillbox essentially sends out a wave of crescent attacks materializing in front of you. It Uses up nearly your entire Posture bar.

C Tier 

  • Shinten Raiho: Shinten Raiho makes the bottom of the list but this skill box still has its charms. It fires a blue beam forward and deals a lot of damage to enemies that are caught in the middle of it.

And that makes up all the skillboxes in the game Type Soul with its ranking. Some of these may be subjective due to your own experiences, so make sure to try them all out for yourself!

And while you’re here, you might also want to do a good evaluation of the weapons in Type Soul. We’ve got you covered for that! Here’s the Type Soul: Best Weapons Tier List.


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