Type Soul: New Boss Raid Kisuke NPC Location Guide

Another new update added a boss raid mode to the game, so here’s how to get there!

Type Soul just got yet another major update, which added a whole lot of new content and balance updates. Among the new additions to the Bleach-inspired game is the Boss Raid mode, and in this guide, we will show you how to find the NPC required to try it out!

New Boss Raid NPC Location Guide

Before you start your search, it is recommended to have two friends accompanying you as this is the required number of players in order to begin raiding.

If you don’t have friends readily available to join the party, ask around in your server. From what we can tell, the NPC will not let you start the mode without a party of three players.

How to Find the NPC

Kisuke is the new Boss Raid NPC, and he can be found near the Bank NPC in Karakura Town. If you need a point of reference, you can simply head to the park full of sand.

Kisuke can be found in an alleyway just beside this park, and it will be in a spot just before you reach the Bank NPC. Check the highlighted image below for the exact alleyway that you need to enter.

Type Soul sandy park with the correct alleyway highlighted

There, you will find Kisuke just chilling on a bench beside some vending machines. Again, you need to be in a party with 3 members in order to start the raid. Gather up some allies before you try to engage with him.

Type Soul player talking to Kisuke

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Before you and your party hop on in, just keep in mind that there are three different bosses that you can possibly face in this game mode. Because of that, it can be a bit hard to have a set strategy due to the RNG factor.

Also, many players are reporting a wide range of bugs and exploits that are currently plaguing this game mode. If things seem a bit janky or too easy, it’s probably because something is broken at the moment.

Finally, the developers seem a bit indecisive and are constantly deactivating and reactivating certain abilities for boss raids specifically.

For example, Discord and Healing Circle were very recently disabled and then re-enabled. Aversion Field, on the other hand, was also disallowed and has since been kept disabled for the game mode.

Because of this, you will have to do a bit of experimenting if your current build uses any affected abilities. The developers themselves admitted to not covering all of the details in the update log, so things will be a bit weird right now.

Type Soul players attempting a boss raid

Anyway, that is everything you need to know in order to find the Boss Raid NPC, as well as a few things to consider before trying out the new mode. While you’re here, check out our best Vastocar light build guide for Type Soul, which you might be able to use in this game mode!


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