Type Soul: Best Vastocar Light Build Guide (Kido)

Strongest build!

Type Soul has a race system, one of those races named Arrancar gives you cool abilities to become stronger in the game. Vastocar (Kido) is just one of the three clans of the Arrancar race, and it is possible to make it stronger than ever with the right build. In this guide, we are going to talk about the best Vastocar light build you can have in Type Soul. Let’s get right into it!

Best Vastocar Light Build

If you can give your Vastocar clan character good equipment, you can have the best build with the buffs you get. We will show this build in three parts.

  • Kido Skill Tree
  • Items & Accessories
  • Dev Products
Vastocar Type Soul.

Kido Skill Tree

For this build, you should use your skill points on all kido skills. Here is a list of all the skills you can upgrade:

  • Cero Grab
  • Tri Cero
  • Cero Cornea
  • Bala
  • Blade Cero
  • Finger Cero
  • Soul Style
  • Hierro
  • Instinct
  • Cero Burst
  • Bala Blackout
  • Bala Barrage Cero Scourge
  • Cero Confinement
  • Cero Sweep
  • Bala Gum
  • Preserved Reserves
  • Bala Drive
  • Cero Salbo
  • Hierro Mastery
  • Hollow Bite
  • Cero Fireflies
  • Hierro Mastery 2
  • Cero Oscuras
  • Cero
Vastocar Skill Tree page one in Type Soul.


On the second page of the skill tree, you can use all your points in speed.

  • Flashstep
  • Flash Tension
  • Flashtep Mastery 1
  • Blooming Cut
  • Flash Fakeout
  • Flashtep Mastery 2
  • Sonido Break
  • Waterfall Dance
  • Flash Cut
  • Phantom Trick
  • Enhanced Steps
  • Perfect Flashstep
  • Dropping Fang
  • Floating Strikes
  • Passing Breath
  • Hollow Bite
  • Fast Fang
Second page of Vastocar skill tree in Type Soul.

Items & Accessories

It is important to have good kinds of items and accessories to create the best build for your character. Let’s start with items, and move to accessories.

  • Items
    • Soul Ticket
    • Locked Clan Reroll
    • Eyecolor Reroll
    • Hollow Essence
    • Locked Blue Pill
    • Hollow Box
    • Face Reroll
    • Red Pill
    • Hierro Planting
    • Clan Reroll
    • Hair Shade Reroll
    • Spirit Box
  • Accessories
    • Crown
    • Cat Ears
    • Headware
    • Spectacles
    • God’s Prize
    • Bandage
    • Glasses
    • Short Cloak
    • Soulbeasts
    • Star Pendant
    • SSR Rope 1
    • Quincy Cross
    • Mugetsu Wrapping
    • Red Puffer
    • Urahara Cloak
    • Harribel’s Cloak
    • Ulquirro Cloak
    • Harribel Male Cloak
    • Shiro Cloak
    • Yoru Coat
    • Gremmy’s Cloak
    • Gray Puffer
    • Gehenna Beads
    • Grimmojow’s Belt
    • Arrancar Gehenna Beads
    • Bowtie
    • Shinigami Asura Pants
Items & accessories of Vastocar in Type Soul.

Dev Products

Lastly, we have the dev products.

  • Marking Reroll
  • Clan Hair Shade Reroll
  • Katana Hilt/Handle Reroll
  • Zanpakuto Color Reroll
  • Eyecolor Reroll
  • Eyes Reroll
  • Shikai/Res/Volt Reroll
  • Vizard Mask Reroll
  • Shikai Callout Reroll
  • Weapon Appearance Reroll
  • Marking Reroll 5x
  • Clan Reroll
  • Advance Shunko Reroll
  • Custom Clothing Token
Creating the Best Vastocar Light Build in Type Soul.

This is how you are going to create the Best Vastocar Light Build in Type Soul! With this build, you can excel at 1vs1 fights, and defeat everyone if you can use your moves wisely.

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