Ultimate Battlegrounds: Complete Nanami Guide

Can you land on their weak points?

Ultimate Battlegrounds: Complete Nanami Guide

Nanami is the latest fighter added to Ultimate Battlegrounds, featuring some very precise and powerful moves. We’ll talk about his skill and how you can work around them to create combos, counter aggressiveness, and win. We’ll prove to people that Nanami isn’t that easy to bring down!

Complete Nanami Guide

Nanami, the new character has a total of 4 skills and 3 additional awakening version. Here are the basic skills:

  • M1 Combo: Two slices forward followed by two kicks.
  • Skill 1: Whithdraw. A quick backstep followed by a frontal slash that sends them flying behind you. After 3x M1 hits, attempt to downward kick to ragdoll your enemy. Then time it to land this skill.
  • Skill 2: Tactical Analysis. One slash after a quick dash, followed by a another hit with powerful knockback. Similar to Whitdraw, but don’t forget that it starts with a dash. So either start from a distance, or move your camera.
  • Skill 3: Skirmish. A long dash forward (can be made short) and then a powerful downward slam. Easiest skill to land as it can hit the enemy even when they’re being ragdolled.
Nanami's Skiirmish skill in Ultimate Battlegrounds.
  • Skill 4: Suppression. A precise skill that sends the enemy flying if hit. Suppression can be hard to land, but it can punish aggressive players once you learn how to land it.
Suppression skill from Nanami.

On Awakening mode, you can use Black Flash moves and new skills:

  • Black Flash. There are two variations, but it’s the same move. When using the Black Flash, you have a hit the minigame accurately. Hit the circle on the measurement Nanami creates. If you hit it, it’ll play a cutscene. Otherwise it’ll just be an instant Black Flash move.
Black Flash with cutscene.
  • Interrogation. An easy to land skill that you can chain into your M1. After using this, you can also follow it up with Black Flash. You can use this to run away or turn the table on them.
  • Collapse. Similar to Black Flash, has two variations. If you don’t land the first hit, it’ll turn into an AoE move. If you land it, it’ll play a cutscene.

And that’s it for Nanami guide in Ultimate Battlegrounds. If you love some anime brawling in your game, here’s how to use Majin Vegeta in Z Battlegrounds.


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