Z Battlegrounds: Majin Vegeta Update Guide & Showcase

What does the new mastery look like?

Z Battlegrounds: Majin Vegeta Update Guide & Showcase

Z Battlegrounds has added another Mastery in the game, Majin Vegeta. And this guide aims to explain how to use him. (If you missed it, here’s the guide for last month’s update for SSJB Goku!) We’ll talk about how you can make the best out of him. Without further, let’s go!

Majin Vegeta Update Guide

Vegeta has always been a favorite of many with his flexible combos and fun playstyle. Similar to Goku, Vegeta receives a Mastery, namely the Majin form which is the new ultimate.

We all know the usual Vegeta classic combo that chains into the Flying Knee. The straight line ranged skills with Ki Barrage & Galick Gun, and the guard breaking Dirty Fireworks.

Vegeta Majin form in Z Battlegrounds

Majin Vegeta shares similar skills with his basic form. During Majin form, you can use 3 skills:

  • Ki Blitz. Similar to Ki Barrage and easy to land due to short cast and decent mid-range. This is the skill that you can land hits with the easier due to the range and quick cast.
Ki Barrage by Vegeta Majin.
  • Final Flash. Nearly impossible to dodge if you’re very close to the enemy due to the range and width. Really great to land with if you can just get the opponent baited to be just close enough to land the Final Flash.
Vegeta Majin using Final Flash.
  • Final Explosion. Very long wind-up that leads to a big AoE explosion around you. Hard to land because of how long it takes to execute it. If you managed to get them stunned with M1 combo, then you might have a chance.
Vegeta Majin using Final Explosion.

Countering the Majin form in the game is as simple as just running around the arena until the timer runs out. Which is a slight problem with Majin Vegeta because your Ki Barrage is the easiest to deal with enemies that are constantly running.

The Final Flash and Final Explosion can be hard to land due to the delay before you can land them.

If you’re ever confused about how players do combos in the game, check out our beginner’s guide for Z Battlegrounds for everything you need to know.


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