Untitled Gym Game: Complete Beginner’s Guide

This is where the real workout begins!

There’s a unique title out on Roblox by the name of Untitled Gym Game. In this game, you can work on improving your strength and muscles, allowing you to compete against other players. So, if you’re looking for a game that gives you the true gym experience, look no further than this game.

Since you’re just starting out, it’s a good idea to get your bearings in the game. It will allow you to maximize your experience and become a true master of the gym. With that said, here is the Complete Beginner’s Guide for Untitled Gym Game.

Complete Beginner’s Guide

Untitled Gym Game is currently in its alpha stage. This means that there is still a lot more content to come to the game. However, we’ll still go over the basics as these will likely remain the same.

Basic Gameplay

In the Untitled Gym Game, your basic goal is to get as strong as possible. You do this by interacting with the various exercise machines in the gym. Each machine will target specific muscles and allow you to strengthen them.

If you look at the bottom of your screen, you’ll see that there are two basic meters. These are your Energy Meters and Pump Meters.

Energy and Pump Meters in Untitled Gym Game.

When you exercise at any of the machines, you use up energy for each rep that you do. You need energy to workout so once it hits 0, you will not be able to workout.

So, for that, you’ll need to consume drinks that will give you energy. Drinking coffee will give you 25 Energy per sip while Energy Drinks will give you 50 energy per sip. Additionally, espressos will give you only 15 Energy. We’ll look into how you can get energy drinks later in this guide.

Drinking energy drink in Untitled Gym Game.

However, with each rep, your Pump meter will increase. When the Pump Meter gets full, you get the Pumped Up effect. With this effect, you will turn purple and get a 1.1x multiplier for all muscles until the effect wears off.

So, doing low weight reps is a good way to get the Pump Meter as it is not affected by weight but the number of reps.

Low Rep Workout in Untitled Gym Game.

Stats Explained

If you look at the left of your screen when playing Untitled Gym Game, you’ll see a whole list of options. Select the one that says Stats as it is one that you will be referring to regularly.

Once you’re in the Stats Menu, you’ll notice a lot of muscles laid out with their value. You can increase your muscles by going to the right machine. Each machine will target specific muscles, differing between 1-3 muscles.

Additionally, they will also increase these stats at a different rate. You can check which machine boosts which muscles by doing the workout and keeping the Stats menu open. Here, you’ll see the numbers go up and have an understanding of which machine you want for which muscle.

So, we recommend you test out all the machines to see which one gives you your desired results. Once your Stats reach certain thresholds, your body will also change. For example, once you hit 15,000 Chest Strength, your player model will get pecs.

Stats Menu in Untitled Gym Game.

Weights Shop Breakdown

Since getting Muscles and Strength is your goal in Untitled Gym Game, you’ll need some way to boost the rate at which you get the increases. You can do this by heading to the Weight Shop near the spawn area.

Weights Shop NPC in Untitled Gym Game.

The Weight Shop has various weights of different sizes laid out that you can purchase. You can purchase them with money once you fulfill the Strength Requirements. By having weights on your machines, you can increase the rate at which you gain Stats for your muscles. So, make sure that you continue to get more weights as you progress through the game.

Weights Shop Menu in Untitled Gym Game.

Supplement Shop Breakdown (Jobs Location)

There is another Shop in Untitled Gym Game that you should familiarize yourself with. This is the ziljur’s Supplement Shop. To get to this shop, head down the stairs that you can find near the spawn area of the game.

Stairs in Untitled Gym Game.

Once you’re down there, you’ll find yourself outside the gym. Directly across, you’ll find the Supplements Shop. In front of the Supplements Shop, you’ll also find the Jobs NPC. This NPC offers jobs that you can do in return for money. Currently, the Jobs option is disabled but it is expected to be open soon as the game progresses.

Supplements Shop in Untitled Gym Game.

Inside the Supplement Shop, you’ll find a variety of items that you can purchase. Some of these are available for purchase with Robux while the others with the in game money.

We recommend that you hold off from purchasing Supplements as the money is better off used for Weights at the Weights Shop. Instead, you should purchase drinks so that you can get your energy up and continue with your workouts.

Inside Supplements Shop in Untitled Gym Game.

Rewards & Gamepasses (Earning Money)

The Rewards and Daily option on the left side of your screen is a great way to earn money in Untitled Gym Game. It is also your only way of earning money until the Jobs option is active.

In the Time Rewards Menu, you’ll see that you earn money for a certain level of play in one session. After you get the final reward, you’ll see a countdown on it. Once you get the $10,000, we recommend you quit the game and start again.

Doing so will allow you to reset the Rewards menu and be able to get the $10,000 again eventually. It is a great way to constantly get money during your workouts for simply just playing the game.

Time Rewards Menu in Untitled Gym Game.

Additionally, you should check on the Daily Rewards menu. You’ll be able to get boosts that will help you out on your workouts. But the Time Rewards Menu will give you better rewards by far.

Daily Rewards Menu in Untitled Gym Game.

Next, you’ll want to look at the Gamepasses Menu which you can access by selecting the Shops option on the left side of your screen.

There are a variety of Gamepasses that you can purchase with Robux. If you’re avoiding using premium currency, then you can skip this part. Some of the Gamepasses are much better than the other ones. We’ll provide you with a list of the better ones in order of how useful they can be. 

Robox Shop in Untitled Gym Game.

Here are the items, you’ll want to get from the Gamepasses menu in Untitled Gym Game:

  • Auto Train: Automatically replenishes your energy
  • 3xGain: Best Results for Ideal Muscle Gains
  • 2xGain: Decent Price for good muscle gains
  • 1.1xGain: Useful if you only have a few Robux
  • 1.5xGain: Worst Results for Value when it comes to Gains
  • Monster Drink: Decent Price for Energy Replenishment if you can’t afford Auto Train.

Auto Train is by far the best value for the Gamepass as you will never have to worry about Energy. In this way, you can focus on gaining muscles and strength in Untitled Gym Game.

Auto Train in Untitled Gym Game.

Leaderboards & Combat

One final thing we’ll be touching upon are the Leaderboards and Combat. You can find both of these in the streets next to the Supplement Shop.

In the Leaderboards, you can compete against other players in all sorts of aspects. This includes the Strongest Chest, Strongest Legs and Most Money. So, if you want to grind out the game, then the leaderboards can help showcase all your effort.

Leaderboards in Untitled Gym Game.

Next to the Leaderboards are Combat Machines. These haven’t been fleshed out yet as the combat aspect is still in development. However, you can still test out how strong your character is on these machines.

Simply pay the required money and select a difficulty. After that, you will get a score based on how strong you are. You can use it to show off your strength against other players!

Combat Machines in Untitled Gym Game.

That’s everything you need to know about the Complete Beginner’s Guide for Untitled Gym Game on Roblox. It seems that there are so many amazing upcoming games on Roblox. Why not check out our Sorcery Beginner’s Guide if you’re looking to start out more Roblox games!


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