Valentine Update Guide in Anime World Tower Defense

Worth grinding for or not?

Valentine Update Guide in Anime World Tower Defense

Most Roblox games encounter some changes and updates throughout its timeline. Anime World Tower Defense (AWTD) is not exempt from the rule. Last Valentine’s, Anime World Tower Defense had an update with its units that could alter the Meta. Some units fell from the high grounds of glory, and others have risen slightly from the ground. Are you interested in knowing the recent updates? Then let’s find out!

Valentine Update Guide

Many Anime World Tower Defense players are competitive about their rankings in the game. This is why they grind so hard for them to reach their peak. With this update, many players would surely be happy; some might have difficulty dealing with it.

NOTE: If you still haven’t 100% caught up to Update 14 in AWTD, make sure to check out our complete guide for that update’s content as well!

The Leaderboards Score had a reset. If you’re one of those competitive players who want to catch up with the one at the top, this is your chance to prove yourself!

New Content in Valentine Update Anime World Tower Defense

Another thing to remember is that there is a new Event Banner [Valentine Festival]. If you’re a collector in the game, you may have good luck summoning your desired skin!

February11Accident is a new code that gives you 3K Puzzle and 25 Reroll Token. New updates can be super rewarding, especially when you’re a free-to-play player. Valentine2024 gives you 10 chocolates when entered.

Valentine Kingdom Map in Valentine Update Anime World Tower Defense

There’s also a brand new event called Valentine Kingdom. Many players suggest that you should avoid grinding now since the drops are still scarce, but if you’re feeling lucky and have the time to farm those Chocolates, you should go for it since there are tons of goodies from the banner.

Buff & Nerf

First on the list is how they buffed MR Shadow Monarch. This will be covered on another topic, but to give you a heads-up. He is a good unit, not a top 10 unit, but it’s still pretty intense if you have this unit in your arsenal.

As for the others (buffs and nerfs), we can’t provide the exact details, but feel free to refer to the image below.

  • Nerf UR++ Tamer Fuko
  • UR++ Besto Friendo Cost Increased
  • Nerf LR Father of Humanity
  • Nerf C++ Sukuna
Buffs and Nerfs in Valentine Update Anime World Tower Defense

There’s no game that has a Gacha system that can avoid the nerfs and buffs. This is how developers balance the overall gameplay of Anime World Tower Defense in order for it to be enjoyable. This patch gives you the chance to explore which units might be useful for your team composition if you’re on the path of experimenting.

Overall, the Valentine update brought a refreshing start for players that are new and seasoned. The leaderboard reset may bring back the fire of the old players who are still competitive over the records. Happy grinding!

Despite being nerfed, Father of Humanity is still a good unit. If you’re interested, make sure to check out the best teams for Father of Humanity in AWTD!


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