Adam Team Guide in Anime World Tower Defense

The best team for Father of Humanity.

Adam, The Father of Humanity is a new unit that was added to the Anime World Tower Defense (AWTD) with the latest update. This new unit has become a favorite of most of the players ever since its release. In this guide, we are going to talk about the best team you can organize for Adam to reach its full potential in the game.

Adam Team Guide

There is no doubt that The Father of Humanity deserves to be one of the most popular units in the game. This unit is extremely powerful, and it can be even stronger if you put him on the right team.

A single Father of Humanity unit can easily defeat an enemy with 5 million HP. You can create any kind of team you want with his unique skills. However, we have a certain team structure that will make him even better.

Father of Humanity, Adam Unit in Anime World Tower Defense.

Best Team for Adam

  • Hoku UR++: Hoku is the leader of the team. He raises all the attacks until the end of the battle. This creates a chance for Adam to increase his attacks too.
  • Father of Humanity LR (Adam): Adam can copy any passive ability his teammates have on his team. This enables him to double the effect that you are going to get from a strong passive skill.
  • Lightning Amber LR: It has a passive called Rising Voltage that stuns the enemy for five seconds. Moreover, it deals with 50% of attacks six times over six seconds.

This implies that Adam, who in progressive mode is capable of accumulating up to a 4 million attack stat, is free to use his ability whenever the boss appears. Rising Voltage gives you the ability to stun the opponent and deal a lot of damage.

UR++ Hoku Unit in Anime World Tower Defense.

This is the best Adam Team you can create to achieve good amounts of damage and clear the challenges easily. If you would like to learn more about the game, you should check out our guide on its latest update, Update 14.

And if you are looking for more team combinations that you can create with different units, we also have guides on the best units (Update 14) and the best teams in AWTD!


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