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Vannaland Part 1 Rune Locations On Fjordur – Ark Survival Evolved

Precious runes waiting to be collected.

In Ark Survival Evolved, there are runes that you can collect all over the map. In the new DLC titled Ark Fjordur, players can collect 200 runes. Now that may sound tedious, but collecting these runes one by one will reward the player with a level increase by 10, as well as an XP boost. Not only that, but collecting all 200 runes will allow the player to wield Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir.

Ark Survival Evolved – Vannaland Part 1 Rune Locations On Fjordur

In order to wield the mighty power of Thor, you’ll need to collect all 200 runes. We will start with the 11 Runes located on Vannaland Part 1.

The first two runes are located on a small island located on the right side of the map.

The first rune’s coordinates are 63.9, 95.7. Spotting these runes aren’t that difficult, as they are glowing red and floating off the ground. Simply approach the rune and it will be added to your collection.

The second rune is located just on the other side of the island. The exact coordinates are 64.6, 93.1.

The third, fourth and fifth rune are located close to the first two in a cave in the biggest island of the map. The exact coordinates for the third rune are 53.9, 83.1.

The fourth rune is located close to the third rune, in the brighter section of the cave. The exact coordinates are 51.7, 85.0.

The fifth rune of the cave is the last rune in the cave. Located just near the fourth rune. The exact coordinates are 50.3, 81.7. After obtaining the last rune in the cave, you are then free to leave.

The sixth rune is located near the cave. Once out of the cave, go north until you reach a cliff. You’ll be able to see the arch-like structure where the rune is. Climb up until you reach the rune and collect it. The exact coordinates are 52.5, 82.3.

The seventh rune is located just above the shoreline and under a lake on the map. It’s still near the sixth rune, so getting it will be easy. The exact coordinates are 60.6, 80.5.

The eight rune is located a little ways from the last rune, just east of the island and close to the shoreline still. The exact coordinates are 60.5, 70.7.

The next two runes are located in a cave near the last rune. The ninth rune is the first one you’ll see when entering the cave and venturing inside. The exact coordinates are 55.2, 67.4.

The tenth rune is further in the cave. The exact coordinates are 53.7, 65.2.

The last rune is located much more north once exiting the cave. The exact coordinates are 48.3, 72.7.

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