Voidtrain: How To Solve All Puzzles

Learn the secrets behind all the puzzles in Voidtrain!

In Voidtrain you get to be a mechanic on the great floating train that will lead you to the future! But there are some things even high tech technology won’t get you, and those are the solutions to puzzles. Fortunately, you have the all encompassing internet here today to help you out with that. Puzzles in Voidtrain are not that hard and, with a little bit of explaining, you will get the hang of them in a few seconds! Just make sure to read this article and you will get your solution!

How To Solve All Puzzles – Voidtrain

Now, there are only 2 types of puzzles at the moment available in the Early Access version of Voidtrain: the Laser puzzle and the Music puzzle.

Laser Puzzle

There are puzzles in the world where you’ll find a big ball surrounded by lasers. To solve this puzzle, you need to hit the statues with their respective colored laser.

There are 3 colors and 3 types of statues. Red, blue and yellow. Each one of the statues has a different face and that is how you’ll see which one matches which one.

As you can see in the picture above:

  • The blue laser is supposed to hit a statue that has straight lines on its head.
  • The red laser is supposed to hit the statues with looping lines.
  • The yellow laser has to hit the statues that have lightning lines on their head.

So, all you have to do is match the colors with the statues and the big ball will disintegrate, revealing a chest you will need to carry to your train.

If your laser is being blocked by debris or wood, just push it off from the way or destroy it with your gun to make way for the laser.

Music Puzzle

There will be places where the big ball has a Ghost Rofleemo next to it. That means it’s a Music puzzle.

In this one, you will need to look around for little tablets that you can shoot in the little houses around that look like this:

After you’ve found them all, shoot the Rofleemo and hear the sounds it makes. You will need to shoot the respective image that represents the sound it made, in the correct order.

You don’t need to do them in the chronological order, but their position is shown behind the Rofleemo, on the stones.

If you’ve done it right, the shapes on the stones will turn yellow, as shown in the picture above and you will be able to pick up the chest from where the big ball was before, the same as before.

Bring it back to your train and you will be able to loot it at the depot.

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