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Let’s do some research!

Voidtrain is full of crafting things, but due to the multi-phase research tree, you will not have much opportunity to use your craftings at the early stages of the game. Multi-phase research tree requires you to accumulate a lot of materials in order to unlock new structures and other advantageous features. In our Voidtrain Research Complete Guide, we will go over how research works and each step you must unlock along the road.

Research Complete Guide

Research is going to play an important role in your Voidtrain experience. It is divided into phases, each of which has up to four separate technologies. Before moving on to the next Phase, you should investigate all technologies in the current Phase.

The research feature is available in the early stages of the game because as soon as you have gotten used to your new train, you will be prompted to make a Research Table.

Voidtrain Research Complete Guide

How To Craft The Research Table

Creating The Research Table is the easiest thing about the whole research journey ahead of you. You only need 4 scrap metals and 4 planks of wood to do it. Just find the necessary amounts of the items around you and then open your Crafting Book to craft a Research Table in just seconds.

Voidtrain Research Complete Guide

After you crafted it, just put it wherever you want in your train and now you can start researching. The first phase on the table will be available as soon as you place it. Completing the technologies in the phases are going to be simple as you only need to have the required resources on your inventory.

The entire research tree is divided into phases. When you finish all of the research from one phase, you can move on to the next, and so on until you have finished everything. Sometimes a created item that is unlocked through research in the same Phase is required for one piece of research. Aside from stat enhancements, you must still create the actual things once the research is finished – this often necessitates the same materials used to complete the study.

All Phases in Voidtrain Research Tree

Phase 1


Smelter I

2 Scrap Metal

Iron Bar
Copper Bar

Container I
1 Wood, 1 Iron Bar

Phase 2


Workbench I
1 Iron Bar, 3 WoodBolts

Basic Components I
1 Iron BarGear

Copper Components
1 Copper BarCopper Pipe
Copper Wire

Phase 3


Lab I
1 Wood, 1 Copper Wire, 1 SpringLab I, Unstable Chemical

Chemical Components
2 Unstable ChemicalGrease, Resin

Phase 4


Basic Components II
1 Iron Bar, 1 GreaseForcer, Bearing.

Container Rack I
1 Iron Bar, 1 Wood, 1 Bolt

Container Rack I

Phase 5


Kitchen I
1 Bolt, 1 Wood, 1 Copper Pipe, 1 GearKitchen I, Grilled Organics, Water Flask

Phase 6


1 Unstable ChemicalSterilizer

Bandage I
1 Leather, 1 SterilizerBandage I

If you have Bandages in your inventory, you can attach them to your rapid-use button by holding Q.

Phase 7


1 Wood, 1 Bolt, 1 OrganicsGarden, Void Plant, Strange Plant

Seeds can be obtained from chests found in secret areas.

Phase 8


Armory I
1 Spring, 1 Wood, 1 Copper PipeArmory I

1 Unstable Chemical, 1 WoodPowder

Ammo Box
1 Powder, 1 Iron BarAmmo Box

Armoury can be used to construct and improve customized weapons out of weapon pieces obtained from chests, and the Lotto machine.

Phase 9


Leather Suit I
2 Leather, 2 BoltLeather Suit I

Armor Plate I
1 Iron BarArmor Plate I

Max Satiety I
3 Cooked Organics

Max Satiety I

Armor plates are used in conjunction with the Leather Suit as a consumable, providing you with more and stronger health bars. If you have Armor Plates in your inventory, you can assign them to your rapid-use button by holding Q.

Phase 10


Grappling Hook I
1 Iron Bar, 1 Spring, 1 Copper Pipe, 1 BoltGrappling Hook I

Small Backpack
1 Wood, 1 Leather, 1 Bolt, 1 Copper PipeSmall Backpack

1 Wood, 1 ChemicalCharcoal

Grappling Hook is activated by equipping it in one of your weapon slots, either slot 1 or slot 2. When it is in range of an item, it has a distinct highlight around the cross-hair. You must be standing/walking to see it.

Phase 11


1 Iron Bar, 1 Gear, 1 Forcer, 1 BoltCrusher, Ice Crushing, Coal Crushing

1 Forcer, 2 Gear, 1 BearingCoal Briquette

Water Bidon
3 Ice, 1 Unstable ChemicalWater Bidon

Ram I
1 Iron Bar, 1 Spring, 1 BoltRam I

Phase 12


Steam Engine
4 Iron Bar, 4 Gear, 2 Forcer, 2 Copper Pipe, 2 BoltSteam Engine

Phase 13


Smelter II
2 Iron Bar, 2 Bolt, 2 Gear, 2 Copper PipeSmelter II, Steel Bar

Zinc Extraction
3 Copper Wire, 3 ResinZinc will spawn in the void

Brass Casting
3 Copper Bar, 3 ZincBrass Bar

Phase 14


Workbench II
2 Steel Bar, 2 Wood, 2 Brass Bar, 2 BoltWorkbench II, Sturdy Bolts

Brass Wire
2 Copper Wire, 2 Brass BarBrass Wire

Brass Pipe
2 Copper Pipe, 2 Brass BarBrass Pipe

Container II
2 Wood, 2 Iron Bar, 2 BoltContainer II

Container 2 contains six slots and can be renamed after being placed.

Phase 15


Boiler Upgrade I
3 Steel Bar, 3 Brass Pipe, 3 Gear+50 Max Steam Capacity for Steam Engine

Ammunation I
4 Leather, 4 Bolt, 4 Copper WireCan carry more of all ammo types

Phase 16

Ammunition raises your total ammo count.


Lab I
2 Brass Bar, 4 Wood, 2 Brass Wire, 2 Sturdy BoltLab II, Sealant

2 Unstable Chemical, 2 Zinc, 2 ResinThickener

Sturdy Wood
2 Wood, 2 ThickenerSturdy Wood

Phase 17


Gatherer’s Station
2 Sturdy Wood, 2 Steel Bar, 1 Brass Wire, 1 DamperGatherer’s Station

1 Steel Bar, 2 Sealant, 1 Spring

Winch Drive
1 Damper, 2 Sturdy Bolt, 2 Brass PipeIncreases distance of winch (can be made before having Winch. Winch is unlocked during story)

Rofleemos operate Gatherer’s Station, which is unlocked when you reach a certain gate number. When you reach a specific gate number, you will be able to unlock the Winch and receive the Throwing Rings to use with it.

Phase 18


Boiler Upgrade II
3 Steel Bar, 3 Brass Wire, 3 Spring+50 Max Steam Capacity for Steam Engine

Traction I
2 Damper, 2 Gear, 2 Sturdy BoltIncreases max train length by 1

Phase 19


Train Armor
2 Steel Bar, 2 BoltTrain Armor

Max Health I
4 BandageIncreases max health by 25

Effective Cooling
3 Brass Pipe, 3 SealantReduces water consumption of engines by 25%

Train Armor is a type of train decor that may be unlocked by feeding Rofleemos mushrooms.

Phase 20


Acid Gathering
2 Sealant, 2 Brass WireAcid

2 Acid, 2 ResinRubber

Sturdy Leather
2 Leather, 2 GreaseSturdy Leather

Leather Suit II
2 Sturdy Leather, 2 Sturdy Bolt, 2 Brass Wire
Leather Suit II

Acid is gained through combat in arenas placed throughout the track. Leather Suit 2 can carry two armor plates.

Phase 21


1 Raw Meat, 1 OrganicsFertilizer

Armory II
Steel Bar 4, Sturdy Wood 4, Brass Bar 4, Rubber 2Armory II

Ammo Container I
2 Steel Bar, 2 Explosive PowderAmmo Container I

Explosive Powder
1 Powder, 1 AcidExplosive Powder

Armory 2 allows you to acquire and use weapon cores, which offer weapons a different alternate fire mode based on the weapon core.

And that is all for our Voidtrain Complete Research Guide! Let us know if you have any questions by leaving a comment in the comments section.

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