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War Mongrels: All Collectibles in Cowardice Mission | Locations

Find all the Collectibles in the Cowardice Mission!

War Mongrels is a new real-time strategy game that focuses on a World War II theme. Aside from missions that require tactical strategies and stealth, you will find Collectibles in the game that will give you more insight about the game’s theme.

Pass for German Soldiers

Before getting your Civilian Clothes for the mission, you can find a collectible called Pass for German Soldiers on top of the wooden table, beside a wooden barrel. Click on the paper on top of the table to collect it. You can find the Pass by going to your collectibles and opening the Fliers tab.

Instructions for Dealing with Deserters

When you are tasked to steal a motorcycle and run away, you can take a little detour for a collectible. From the two bodies on the floor, go south and then east at the first fork. Crawl before the stairs to prevent the enemies from sensing you.

There is a broken room beside the stairs with a body inside. The collectible is right beside the body and you can read it on your Collectibles>Documents tab.

Flyer from the Front

Starting from the room where you collected the Collectible document, stay crawling and get out of the room. Instead of heading towards the motorcycle, go straight to the closed-off well in the center. There is a broken house beside this well.

Enter the house and collect the Flyer in the middle of it. You may need to feel around until you can find the highlighted item. This collectible is part of the Fliers collection as well.

How to Access your Collectibles

To access your collectibles, pause the game to bring up the in-game menu. You will find a tab called Collectibles right at the top. Click on that tab to show all the collectibles you collected so far. The collectibles are divided into 5 categories namely, History, Letters, Fliers, Posters and Documents. You will find a star next to the category if you recently picked up a collectible from the game.

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