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New World: Recover Jocelyn’s Diary from Jocelyn Marshjaw Guide & Location

This guide will help you find Nekumanesh’s missing wife.

Nekumanesh continues to search for the whereabouts of Jocelyn, his wife. You will need to retrieve a keepsake from her to complete the quest. You need to retrieve Jocelyn’s Diary to complete the quest called “Heart of the Marsh”.

Accepting the Quest

You can begin this quest by talking to Nekumanesh. He will say he has a general idea where you can find his wife. He will ask you to go deeper into the Swamp in Flatfish Fishery and tell her that he is willing to listen now.

Defeating the Marshjaw

Go deeper into the Swamp and proceed to the Quest Area. You will see a chest in the middle of the swamp. Go ahead and wait for the enemy to spawn. You will need to defeat the level 30 Marshjaw to continue with the quest.

Retrieving the Diary

After defeating the Marshjaw, it will drop Jocelyn’s Diary. Loot the Diary and go back to speak with Nekumanesh to finish the quest.

Possible Bug

Some players are experiencing a bug that prevents the Marshjaw enemy from spawning. Players are saying that the spawn times of the enemy required for the quest are not consistent, even if you wait for hours. If you are currently experiencing this, you may need to wait for future fixes from the developers before you can finish the quest.


Once you finish the quest, Nekumanesh will give an Adventurer’s ring,105 Gold coins, and 20 Azoth. You will also gain 1830 EXP and 250 Standing for finishing the quest.

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