Weird Strict Cashier: Complete Guide & How To Get Ending

Run for your life!

In Weird Strict Cashier, you just got a new job at the nearby grocery shop, and your co-worker is acting a little bit weird. What will happen on your very first work day? Will you be able to survive until the morning? Let’s see everything you need to do to get a good ending in the game.

This game is pretty similar to other Weird Strict games. All you need to do is to keep yourself alive until the morning. While you are trying to do that, you should keep running away from your co-worker, and manage your needs too. In this guide, we are going to provide you with everything else you are going to need to know.

Complete Guide & How To Get Ending

The game will start with you entering the grocery shop. This big and poorly lit shop is already giving us the creeps. Your first objective is to clock in. Throughout the game, you are going to see an exclamation mark that shows you the exact location you are going to need to go to complete the objective.

For this one, the exclamation mark will lead you to the right corner of the store. Before heading to the staff room, make sure to grab a cup on the shelf to your right and pour some water for yourself. You are going to need to keep yourself hydrated to win this game.

Weird Strict Cashier beginning.

One other thing you should grab before clocking in is the gas can. This one will be located near the shelves and the water bottle.

Once you have everything you need, head inside the staff room and clock in. The items in front of this room is going to be pretty crucial for you for the rest of the game, so make sure to collect everything you can collect.

Picking up gas in Weird Strict Cashier.

Fix the Poster & Clean the Trash

Your first objective after clocking in will be to fix the poster. Remember that you can follow the exclamation mark to find the location of the objective.

The next objective is to take out the trash. You are going to find three trash bags around the store. Interacting with them will be enough to complete the objective.

Fixing the poster in Weird Strict Cashier.

Check the Store Cameras

After you are done with the trash, the fun will finally begin! Go back to the staff room that you checked in earlier and check out the store cameras.

Once you do that, you are going to see that your co-worker just got… somehow possessed by a dark soul. This objective is going to be important because the actual game will begin after this one. So make sure that you are ready to run for your life after this objective.

Checking the store cameras in Weird Strict Cashier.

Rules & Instructions

After you witness your co-worker getting possessed, the real game will begin. From that point on, you should focus on three things. Check out the list below to see what you need to do.

  • Survive until 6 A.M. Complete your objectives for cash. The objectives will change in each playthrough; only the person who completes the objective gets cash.
  • Find burgers on the ground to eat. You can drink water outside of your office and refill the generator. The generator is close to the poster you fixed earlier.
  • Do not get caught by the cashier. You can purchase items in the pre-run shop to help you.

These rules are pretty similar to Weird Strict Teacher, or Weird Strict Hotel Mom.

Rules in Weird Strict Cashier.


As we stated in the list above, the objectives will change for each player. This means that you are going to have a unique game experience when you play the game. However, you do not need to worry too much about it.

Just like before, each objective will be marked with an exclamation mark. Therefore, you can easily see where you need to go.

Objectives in Weird Strict Cashier.

However, you should be extra careful and not only focus on finishing the objectives. Remember that your weird, strict cashier co-worker is on his way to kill you whenever he can!

Remember that you need to drink, eat, and keep the generators working to be able to survive until the morning. There are three bars on the left bottom of your screen. These will show you your stamina, thirst, and hunger levels.

The gas can for the generator will be located in front of the staff room.

Eating burger in Weird Strict Cashier.

If you run out of stamina, you are not going to be able to run away from the cashier. You might not see him around while you are trying to finish your objectives, or trying to fulfill your needs.

Your screen will tingle whenever he is close to you. This is your cue to run without looking back! When you see that, make sure to get away from the location you were in as soon as possible. Remember that you are going to lose the game immediately if he catches you. However, you will also lose if any of your needs go to zero.

Screen tingling in Weird Strict Cashier.

As the game continues, you are going to get more objectives. Thus, it is not going to be possible for you to finish the game earlier. You need to survive until 6 A.M., and there is no quick way of doing it.

You can check the hour by looking at the top of your screen. This way, you can have an idea of how much time you need to deal with this crazy man. Do not neglect your needs no matter what time is it. If you do that, you might die before you even know it.

Good ending in Weird Strict Cashier.

Getting the Ending

Just like this, you are going to get an ending in Weird Strict Cashier. All you need to do is survive until the morning, keep finishing your objectives, and take care of your needs. We hope you can get rid of your weird co-worker! If you have any further questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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