Weird Strict Teacher: Complete Guide & Ending

The complete guide to the Weird Strict Teacher.

Weird Strict Teacher: Complete Guide & Ending

The Weird Strict Teacher Roblox game is an addition to the weird strict games using the school theme. It is one of the many horror game inpsired by the Weird Strict Dad. We’re going to share a guide on how you can complete this game and survive the night.

Weird Strict Teacher Guide

The game starts with you finally being home. You immediately have objectives that you need to clear, similar to the other weird strict games:

  • Remove Trash (6).
  • Cook Egg. Grab the egg from the fridge and cook them on the stove. Interact with the dining table to eat the egg.
  • Rest. Interact with the sofa to take a nap.
  • Check your phone. Bring it up by clicking 1 from your inventory.
  • Wash your face. Interact with the sink to wash your face.
  • Tired af. Interact with the sofa again to sleep.
  • Prepare item. Now we’re going to prepare for the core gameplay. Open the door on the right for the Flashlight and the left for 2 Batteries. Once you’re prepared, leave the house.
Flashlight and batteries location.

Basics of the Game

Once you leave, you’ll be teleported to the school and have to prepare for the night. Follow the exclamation marks to know your way to the Generator which is under the stairs.

Then interact witth Library during the Find Your Backpack objective. This will prompt you to find the key to the door which is inside the Akuntan Class next door.

Key to unlock the Library.

Open the Library and grab your backpack inside.

Next you’ll have to head into the cafeteria by following the exclamation mark. Grab the food, water (remember to fill it from the dispenser), and medicines. This is where you remember where to get everything from.

Afterward, the game will introduce you to the monster by making you look into the hole. And then you have to confront it on the 2nd floor. For your first chase, the game will show you where to hide, which is the lockers.

Tips & Tricks

Good news: Unlike most Weird Strict games, the monster is not always going around. You only haave to hide when there’s an alarm and the “HIDE FROM THE MONSTER” notification is out.

Waiting for monster to walk by during hunt.

Until 6AM, all you have to do is basically alternate between upstairs and downstairs depending on your needs. Make sure to wait for the monster to pass by in front of your locker before you come out.

The Generator is not necessary especially since the area isn’t as dark even without lights.

And that’s how you can win Weird Strict Teacher. As the game declares that being the completion of Chapter 1, there’s a possibility for more chapters in the future. So, stay tuned!

Also, if you’re interested in looking at more Weird Strict & Need More games in Roblox, make sure to check out our collection as well. It includes all the available endings, mechanics and other useful information.


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