Weird Strict Grandma: Full Walkthrough & Ending | New Update

And you thought your possessed dad was bad.

Weird Strict Grandma Kitchen

It’s always nice to see your grandmother every now and then. What isn’t nice is finding out that she’s out to do unspeakable things to you the moment you neglect your studies. That and she sleeps in the basement for some reason.

You’ll be strapped for time while playing Weird Strict Grandma, no matter how easy the objectives may look there’s still a chance of you mixing things up. Survive the night with us by reading the rest of the guide below.

Full Walkthrough All Endings | New Update

Your rabid grandmother will check in on you from time to time to make sure you’re strapped to your desk studying.

A breath of fresh air compared to hiding in the basement from your dad. While keeping the peace you’ll also be given six other objectives as you try to make it through the night.

These objectives include sleeping, eating, drinking, studying, answering the phone, and refueling the generator placed in the living room.

The gas is placed next to the generator as well, just to make sure that dying from a fire is a possibility whenever you’re with your grandmother.

Weird Strict Grandma NPC

The game begins when the opening cutscene finishes. Now you have control of your character and will receive your first objective.

Go downstairs, the ramp going to the living room is right in front of yours. Turn right again to refill the generator dangerously placed next to your grandmother. Consider this your second objective.

Weird Strict Grandma Generator

Interact with the jerry can and have it in your hand while holding “E” on the generator. Your objective will now ask you to give your grandma her medicine.

If you’re in the vicinity of the object of interest a small exclamation mark will appear on top of it. Grab the medicine by the TV and talk to your grandmother to hand it over.

Weird Strict Grandma NPC

A little bit of the story will present itself to you during the next objective. This will have you open the TV and listen in on the breaking news.

The news will then tell you that the pills your grandmother ingested are a tad bit too recreational compared to what she’s normally used to. Finish the breaking news and your objective will tell you to go upstairs.

While waiting for the news to finish, you can go ahead and prepare a meal or have a drink in the kitchen.

Walk up to the fridge to get whatever is available and stand in front of the stove to have it cooked.

Weird Strict Grandma Food

Your grandmother will pay you a visit whether you like it or not by 10pm. At this time, make sure that you’re at your desk doing your homework.

She’ll check in on you for a few seconds. Feel free to look at her, but make sure you’re sitting in front of your desk to prevent this babysitting scenario turn into a murder.

Weird Strict Grandma Bedroom

She’ll go back down into the basement where she belongs shortly. After that, you’re free to do whatever you feel is necessary to survive the night. You’ll get a notice telling you to focus on multiple things.

This includes eating, drinking, refueling the generator, sleeping for some reason, answering the phone, and studying when your grandmother emerges from the basement again.

All of your needs will drain gradually. It’s best to keep them all full before your grandmother checks in on you again so you won’t drop dead while doing your homework.

Preparing five meals in advance is a good way to save time. You can use that time instead to get some sleep or refuel the generator.

Weird Strict Grandma Bedroom

Sometimes, the electricity will go off. You’re going to have to turn it back on as soon as you can. The absence of electricity will drain all of your wants and needs faster while you’re studying.

Simply refill the generator to bring the lights back on. This gameplay loop will continue until the sun rises. After surviving the night you’ll get a badge as a reward. You’ll get two badges if you’re playing alone.

Weird Strict Grandma Bedroom
Grandma what’re you doing?

That’s the full walkthrough for Big Mom Game’s Weird Strict Grandma. Play the game for yourself and see what happens. Don’t worry, it’s like a game of The Sims. The only difference is your aspiration will revolve around not dying to your grandmother for the evening.

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