Weird Strict Karen: Complete Guide & How To Get All Endings

Your own mother…

Have you ever thought about how it would feel to have a Karen as your mother? Well, you are going to understand it in Weird Strict Karen. In this game, you and your Karen mother will go to a grocery store. After a while, you are going to notice that she has been missing for a while, and the terror will begin… Let’s see how to complete this game and get all the endings.

Complete Guide

The game will begin with your mother crashing the car into a grocery store. Oops, it turns out she is not the best driver. No biggies! 🙂 She just tells you to get inside and get some groceries for her, then heads to the manager’s room.

Weird Strict Karen beginning.

Get Groceries

As you get into the grocery shop, your first objective will appear on the right side of your screen. In order to complete this one, all you need to do is collect fifteen groceries in the shop. It is pretty easy to locate the groceries, as they are close to each other and the store is basically empty.

When you get all fifteen groceries, it will be nighttime, and you will realize that your mother has not been around for a while now.

Getting groceries in Weird Strict Karen.

Inspect the Noise

Next, you are going to hear your mother yelling in the manager’s room. Thus, you should walk closer to its door and investigate the noise. Just go to the door, and a short cutscene will play.

In the cutscene, you are going to see that the manager asked your mother, Karen, to pay $10,000 for the damages. This will make Karen extra angry, and even you should fear for your life.

Inspecting the noise in Weird Strict Karen.

Survive Until 6 A.M.

Now that your mother is in full-on Karen mode, you should make sure that she does not catch you until the morning. Start by hiding inside a box, and the “survive until 6 a.m. objective” will appear after that.

It appears that Karen has fallen asleep in the store, and she is going to start searching for people in the store when she wakes up. After that, she will fall asleep occasionally during the game. You can see her wake bar if you get closer to her. You can use this feature to check out if she is going to wake up soon when you need to go get yourself some food or when you need to clear the air vent.

Survive until the morning objective in Weird Strict Karen.

Need Bars

Like most Weird Strict games, you are going to keep an eye on your needs in this game as well. You are going to see three different need bars on the left side of your screen.

  • Air Toxicity: It will slowly rise as the game goes on. Thus, you need to clean the air vent from time to time. If the air toxicity is too high, you will start taking damage.
  • Hunger: It is going to slowly drop as you go on. You have to find food around to keep your hunger satisfied. Eating will fill your hunger and heal you if you take any damage.
  • Health: Your health bar will be affected if you take any damage. If it goes to zero, you will die and lose the game.

In order to clean the air vent, all you need to do is go and take a vent cleaner near it. Then, just interact with it, and it will be done. Its location will be highlighted at the beginning of the game. However, it is not going to be difficult for you to locate it either way.

You might get worried about almost all the shelves being empty but do not worry about it. Even though most of the shelves do not have anything for you, you can easily find a couple in the room with air ventilation. You can see some food on a couple of shelves as well.

Hiding from Karen

Surviving is all that matters until morning. You will have to remain hidden from Karen in order to accomplish this, just as you have to keep track of your needs. There are not many places for you to hide in the store. You should locate the boxes and hide inside them.

Karen will try to check inside the boxes to find you. If she comes too close and starts checking the box you are in, you can leave the box and run to find another one to hide in. You do not have to worry about fleeing your hiding place if you do not see a “checking out” sign on your screen.

Hiding places in Weird Strict Karen.

How To Get All Endings

There are only two endings you can get in Weird Strict Karen. They are not very surprising. One occurs when you manage to survive until the morning, and the other happens when Karen catches you, deals damage to you, and eventually kills you.

You Survived Ending

In order to get this ending, you should keep yourself alive until 6 a.m. Doing this will be pretty easy for you if you follow our instructions above. You need to repeat your actions until the sun comes up. Just take care of your needs, make sure that the air is not toxic, and most importantly, stay away from Karen.

You Died Ending

This one basically happens when you are dead in the game. There could be a couple of ways to get to this ending. You are going to lose if you:

  1. Let Karen catch you and give you damage.
  2. Do not eat something before your hunger bar goes to zero.
  3. Let the air vent go toxic.

No matter how you die in the game, you only get one ending that says that you died and lost.

This is everything you need to know about how to complete Weird Strict Karen and get all the endings in the game. Also, if you’re interested in looking at more Weird Strict & Need More games in Roblox, make sure to check out our collection as well. It includes all the available endings, mechanics and other useful information.


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