House of Ashes: How to Save Everyone | Best Ending Guide

Get the Golden Path trophy!

The House of Ashes is a terrifying horror game that follows five main protagonists as they venture deeper into a cave and discover a Sumerian temple. Various challenges befall each character and you need to make the correct decisions so they can survive. 

The Raid and the Fall

During the Raid, you discover a shepherd in hiding. As the shepherd runs away, you are given the option to shoot him. Do not shoot the shepherd. In the temple chapter, you need to cut the rope and let Rachel fall as well. After the fall, you have to successfully execute the quick time events while you are Salim to survive.

The Slayer and Bloodbath

In the Slayer chapter,  you need to pick up the medkit in the side cave. In the Truce chapter, you have to pick the supportive option and successfully perform the quick-time events. You also need to abandon Clarice at the end of the Bloodbath chapter. 

In the Signal chapter, pick the fire option and then use the Machine gun. When you are faced by Balathu in the Assault chapter, pick the Crucifix. As Salim, you have to shoot the monster attacking Rachel and save Eric

Strange Aeons and the Final Stand

In the Strange Aeons chapter, you should not hit the WP with your knife. Choose the Desperate option twice. You also need to perform the quick-time events when Nick is placing the explosives. Afterward, pick the forceful option and save Salim

Make sure you are successful with all the quick-time events during the attacks on Rachel and Eric. You also need to survive the final stand and be successful with all the quick-time events here so everyone can survive. 

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