Weird Strict Scientist Full Guide & All Endings

Escape from the mad scientist and save your mom!

Weird Strict Scientist is another entry in the long line of Roblox games developed by various creators that all follow the same theme.

This game in particular is a continuation of Big Mom Games’ previous game where you have to escape from grandma’s house. Now, you are stuck with a mad scientist and have to escape from the lab. This guide will teach you how to do just that, as well as show you all the endings!

Full Guide & All Endings

After the fairly long intro cutscene, you are thrown into the lab and will have to complete a few objectives before the real fun starts.

Clean Leaked Chemical Puddles

A few seconds after the cutscene, you will get your first task, which will be to clean leaked chemicals that can be found all around the laboratory. The six puddles that will spawn can be found in the following locations:

Leaked Chemical Puddle #1

The very first puddle of leaked chemicals will spawn right on top of where you spawned, directly in front of the jail cell where your mom is being held captive.

Weird Strict Scientist puddle #1

Leaked Chemical Puddle #2

Next up, climb up the stairs and immediately enter the room to your right. This is the bathroom, which will come into play later on.

The second puddle will be on the ground right in the middle of the room. Go and clean that up and again, don’t forget where this bathroom is!

Weird Strict Scientist puddle #2

Leaked Chemical Puddle #3

After leaving the bathroom, turn right and enter the first door to your right, which should automatically open and lead into a staircase going down.

This is the kitchen, which will play a very important role later on. The third puddle is, once again, in the middle of the room, so go clean that up!

Weird Strict Scientist puddle #3

Leaked Chemical Puddle #4

Immediately after going back up the stairs and exiting through the door, the fourth puddle will be right in front of you, in the middle of the main hallway beside a large statue.

Weird Strict Scientist puddle #4

Leaked Chemical Puddle #5

From the previous puddle, turn right and enter the door at the end of the hallway. The fifth puddle will be in the middle of the room just down the staircase.

Weird Strict Scientist puddle #5

Leaked Chemical Puddle #6

The sixth and final puddle can be found in the room where you will be making medicine later. Upon exiting back into the hallway from the previous puddle, go to the only room to your right.

After going down the stairs, the last puddle can be found right behind the table in the middle of the room. Clean that up to get your next objective!

Weird Strict Scientist puddle #6

Storage Room Box

Your next objective will be to take the box fromthe storage room. After exiting the medicine room where the last puddle was, turn right and go back into the room where the fifth puddle was.

An exclamation mark icon will help guide you, so just follow that to get to the box that you need to pick up. After taking the box, return to the medicine room and interact with the table.

Weird Strict Scientist storage room box and medicine room table

Feeding Mom for the First Time

After restocking the medicine, your next objective will be to feed mom in her jail cell. Return to the kitchen, which is just across the hallway from the medicine room.

Interact with the fridge to grab some food, and then cook it on one of the stoves in the room. In preparation for later, you may want to place cooked food on eachofthe tables here first.

Weird Strict Scientist kitchen

Once you have prepared food in advance and put plates in each of the tables in the kitchen, cook another plate of food and go back to where you first spawned.

Basically, just exit the room and turn left. Walk all the way to the end of the hallway and go down the stairs to reach mom’s jail cell.

Weird Strict Scientist mom's jail cell

The Real Game Starts

Finally, after feeding your mom, return to the medicine room once more. Start making medicine by sitting in front of the table, and you will get your first taste of the real gameplay.

The scientist will go and check you for a few seconds and leave. After that, you can stand back up and you will get the tutorial.

Weird Strict Scientist tutorial

Basically, you have a few things to keep in mind. In order to survive, you have to live until around 5 AM, and the bars to the lower left corner of the screen must not run empty. Here is a summary of what you need to do:

  • Pollution – When this gets too high,go to the bathroom and take a shower.
  • Thirst – This can be replenished by going to the kitchen and interacting with the water dispenser.
  • Hunger – To refill this, eat one of the plates of food you prepared on the table earlier. Once those inevitably run out, you will need to cook more of them.
  • Energy – When your energy gets too low, sleep in one of the green tubes inside the medicine room.

In addition to these mechanics, you will also have to constantly be feeding mom with a cooked plate of food, or else she will eventually die of hunger.

Weird Strict Scientist feeding mom

Occasionally, the music will change and your objectives tab on the right hand side of the screen will start glitching out with red text. This means that the scientist is coming.

Whenever this happens, run to the medicine room and start working. Keep doing this until the scientist goes away and the music goes back to normal.

Weird Strict Scientist the scientist checking phase

Escaping (Good Ending)

At some point, when the clock is at 5 AM, you will be given the objective to get the key. Upon exiting the medicine room, just turn right and you should see it beside the bench, hidden under a plant.

Weird Strict Scientist key card

After that, simply return to where mom’s jail cell is and interact with the device on the left of her little prison. Once that’s done, you’ll get the good ending!

Weird Strict Scientist win screen

Bad Endings

There are basic game over screens that you can consider to be bad endings. Basically, if one of the bars on the lower left corner of the screen run out, your character will simply drop dead.

Another way to get a game over is by getting caught by the scientist. Finally, you can also fail the game if you forget to feed mom. She will eventually die of starvation if you haven’t fed her in a while.

Weird Strict Scientist game over screen

And that is how you complete the entirety of Weird Strict Scientist. It is a pretty simple game, but succeeding will require you to pay close attention to a lot of things, and failing is very easy if you aren’t careful!

Also, if you’re interested in looking at more Weird Strict & Need More games in Roblox, make sure to check out our collection as well. It includes all the available endings, mechanics and other useful information.


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