Where to Get Carp in No Rest for the Wicked

Not sure where to get some of this fish? We’ve got you covered!

No Rest for the Wicked is a brand new ARPG that has a fairly brutal feel to it where you will have to figure a lot of stuff out on your own. In this guide, we will be showing you how to get some raw carp, which is a type of fish that is going to be required for all sorts of useful recipes.

Where to Get Carp

There are actually a few ways for you to find some raw carp, but one surefire way of guaranteeing it is by unlocking a certain shop inside the city of Sacrament. Specifically, you will need Gordon, who is a chef.

Unlocking Gordon’s Store – The Innkeeper’s Husband Quest

In order to unlock Gordon as a merchant NPC, you will need to complete the quest called “The Innkeeper’s Husband” first. This can be started as soon as you enter Sacrament after the prologue area, which involves beating Warrick the Torn.

Once you go in the city, you can find an NPC named Caroline just a little bit to the right of the entrance. After talking to her, she will tell you about how her husband got lost somewhere at the Shallows close to Mariner’s Keep.

No Rest for the Wicked player initiating the quest given by caroline

You will need to make your way back through Mariner’s Keep and into the Shallows, where you spent a lot of time in during the introductory phase of the game. Be ready to fight a bunch of enemies again, because you will be running into a few.

As you approach the quest objective in the map, you will start to hear a man’s voice screaming out for help in the distance. He will mention that he is on top of the old bridge, so make your way there.

Once you jump over the broken bridge and talk to Gordon, he will explain how he ended up there and will ask you to find a way back out. Take the Western Bridge Key from the dead guard in front of him.

No Rest for the Wicked player speaking with gordon during the quest

Now, backtrack all the way to Mariner’s Keep once more. Go up the ladder to the left of one of the Whispers that you have previously unlocked. Continue your way to the west and keep following this fairly linear path until the end.

No Rest for the Wicked player climbing a ladder beside a whisper

You will eventually stumble into a wheel that you need to pull around in order to open the gate nearby. Upon opening the gate, proceed through it and keep walking until you reach the end of the path.

Here, you will see Gordon below you, and he will ask you to kick down the ladder. After doing that, speak with him one last time and The Innkeeper’s Husband quest should now be completed!

No Rest for the Wicked completing the innkeeper's husband quest

Finding Gordon in the City

Once the quest is completed, Gordon can be found in his kitchen just slightly north of the main entrance of Sacrament. This is just a few steps away from where Caroline was earlier.

Before you do this, however, you should go to Maker Danos a little further to the east. You will need to upgrade Gordon’s Pantry to unlock new wares for his kitchen. This will require some Pine Wood and Copper Ore.

Once that’s done, speaking to Gordon will now give you the option of buying or selling all sorts of items from him. Among his offerings will be the Raw Carp, which will cost you around 7 bronze per piece.

No Rest for the Wicked gordon's shop showing the raw carp

Fishing for Carp

A less guaranteed but still viable method of acquiring Raw Carp is by fishing for it. You must first find a fishing rod either through looting chests or buying it from a merchant that has it on stock.

Equip the fishing rod and look for any spot near water that has fish jumping around. As you approach the area, you will get a prompt to catch some fish.

All you have to do is wait for one to take the bait before pressing whichever hotkey or button you have set for it to reel it in, which will depend on your input device.

If you’re lucky, you might just get a Raw Carp on your first try. Just be ready to potentially catch other fish, such as Trout if you’re going to attempt this method.

No Rest for the Wicked player fishing on a lake

And those are some of the more reliable ways of getting Raw Carp in the game, which will let you make stuff such as the Fish Skewer. While you’re here, you may want to check out our guide on how to buy your first house in No Rest for the Wicked as well!


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