Winter Survival: Does Spearing Wolves Work?

How many spears does it take to down one?!

Winter Survival: Does Spearing Wolves Work?

The reason you’re here is because spearing wolves in Winter Survival has not been working well for you. Despite its prominence in the gameplay trailer, one wonders if the spearing method is indeed the best one to deal with them. Especially when you have to deal with so many of them while trying to go through the winter without dying.

Does Spearing Wolves Work?

Spearing does eventually work on wolves. One might say the wolves in Winter Survival feel a tad bit aggressive, but not anything you can’t deal with spears.

Depending on the tier of spear you use and the mode you’re playing in, you only need one to a few spears to deal with them. In Explorer Mode for example, you can spear them twice and let the wolf bleed out for a few seconds to kill them.

Fending off wolves with the torch in Winter Survival.

Alternatively, you must carry a torch with you and set up campfire when you can. Fire is a natural wolf-repellent as they won’t approach it. It will also keep you warm. While singing the torch will scare them, halting them in place temporarily.

It gets tricky, however, as you’ll have to walk slowly away from them and swing every now and then until you get to safety. If you turn around, they will try to attack you from behind. Unlike Sons of the Forest where you can get very OP armors, you really have to watch your back here.

So yes, spearing works and depending on the difficulty may take a few hits to down these creatures. Otherwise, you can just carry a torch to keep yourself warm and fend them off.

Winter Survival developers have also confirmed in their latest patch note that difficulty adjustments will be added to the Early Access. Players will be free to decide if they want hardcore mode where wolves can be truly threatening, or a more casual playthrough with one-hit KO wolves. So, stay tuned with that update!


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