WoW Classic: Alliance Hunter Beast Mastery Rune

Time to get a nice buff for your pet!

WoW Classic Alliance Hunter Beast Mastery Rune

There are a ton of quests in World of Warcraft Classic and I can’t blame you if you get lost in all of them. Sometimes the game just doesn’t give you enough information to solve the quest and you’re stuck there wondering how to.

If you’re playing an Alliance Hunter, you’ll want to have the Beast Mastery Rune and to get that, you’ll need to hunt a specific beast.

Alliance Hunter Beast Mastery Rune

To get the Beast Mastery Rune for the Alliance Hunters out there, you’ll first need to go to Westfall and head to the area shown below.

This is where Goretusks spawn, which are wild boars that roam around the place.

World Of Warcraft Classic Westfall

Farm them by repeatedly killing them and checking their loot. There’s a chance for the Goretusk Haunch to spawn which is a Unique item for the Hunter.

As you can see from the item description below, you’ll need to place the bait near a coyote dwelling.

World Of Warcraft Classic Goretusk Haunch

Head to the southwest following the road as shown below. To the west is where you can find the Coyote Dwelling. What you’re looking for is a couple of trees with a bunch of bones in the middle.

World Of Warcraft Classic Silverspur Location

Go to the Coyote Dwelling and interact with it to place the bait down. Once you do that, the Silverspur Coyote will spawn. Defeat that enemy and get the Beast Mastery Rune!

World Of Warcraft Classic Silverspur

The Beast Mastery Rune can be engraved on your gloves to give you a lot of bonuses. Mainly, it increases the damage and health of your pet as well as its Focus Generation.

The growl ability of the pet will now taunt the enemy as well giving your pet more chances to tank for you.

That’s how you can get the Beast Mastery Rune for the Alliance Hunter in World of Warcraft Classic. Now, go out there and try it out yourself!

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