WoW Classic: Human Warrior Devastate Rune

Time to get another Rune for your character!

WoW Classic Human Warrior Devastate Rune

There are a lot of different items that you’ll need to find when playing World of Warcraft Classic. You’ll need to know what these items are and where you can find them to maximize your character’s strengths in the game.

One of the things you need to find is Runes and these can change how your character works in the game.

Human Warrior Devastate Rune

When playing as a warrior in World of Warcraft, you’ll want to get yourself some runes in the early levels. These are items that you can use that can increase your stats or give you new mechanics.

For the Devastate Rune, when you’re in the Defensive Stance and have a shield equipped Sunder Armor deals 60% of the weapon’s damage. It also stacks with each application for 6% each.

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Head Hunting

To get the Devastate Rune, you’ll first need to head to the south of Goldshire. There, you’ll need to find a bunch of mobs. This is the bulk of the process, killing mobs over and over again until you get the loot you need.

World Of Warcraft Classic Goldshire South

The first mob type we’ll be looking for is the Kobolds. You can find them in many locations, including the Fargodeep Mine.

Look for these little things and kill them repeatedly until you get a Severed Kobold Head. You might need to kill a lot of them depending on your luck.

World Of Warcraft Classic Severed Kobold Head

The next monster type we’ll be hunting is the Murloc, so that we can get the Severed Murloc Head. You can find them in the Crystal Lake. Again, just repeatedly kill any Murloc you see until you get the item.

World Of Warcraft Classic Severed Murloc Head

Finally, we’re in the last monster type which is the Gnoll. Unlike the other monsters, the Gnoll doesn’t have the word “gnoll” on their names. You can find them in the Forest’s Edge.

Just look for mobs that look like Gnolls like the “Riverpaw Outrunner” and you should be good. Once you get the Severed Gnoll head, you’ll then need to go to Stormwind.

World Of Warcraft Classic Severed Gnoll Head

Obtaining The Devastate Rune

Once you’re in Stormwind, you’ll need to find the NPC Vicotria Woods. She’s a Monster Hunter and you’ll need to present her with the three monster heads you got.

When you finally give all 3 monster heads, you’ll be given 3 Rune Fragments.

Go to your inventory and activate one of the Rune Fragments to combine all of them. This will then give you the Devastate Rune for your Warrior!

World Of Warcraft Classic Victoria Woods

That’s how you can get the Devastate Rune for Human Warriors in World of Warcraft Classic! Now go out there and try to get it yourself!

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