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WoW Dragonflight: All 10 Waking Shores Dragon Glyphs Locations

Find all the 10 Glyphs with this guide!

The new Waking Shore Dragon location is finally playable. It is a perfectly crafted map in the WoW world that players love exploring it a lot. There is an achievement that can be finished here too. It is connected with picking up all 10 of the Dragon Glyphs. In this guide, we will be showing you how to find them all. Let’s get started.

All 10 Waking Shore Dragon Glyphs Locations – WoW Dragonflight

These are all the Dragon Glyphs Locations on the Waking Shore map. Now let’s go through each of them individually.

Number 1 Dragon Glyph – Skytop Observatory

You simply need to come to the Skytop Observatory which is located on The Walking Shores map location. Then once here you will be looking at the top of two very big towers. Once you get on top of the tower which is slightly taller than the other one you will see the Dragon Glyph Location. You can fly directly to it to pick it up.

Number 2 Dragon Glyph – Dragonheart Outpost

This glyph location is going to be on the very east of the first location. Simply make your way to the Dragonheart Outpost. This is also located in the Walking Shores areas, just if you didn’t understand. Then once here you’ll notice a broken tower. You will need to climb on the tower and inside you’ll see the Glyph floating. It is as simple as that.

Number 3 Dragon Glyph – Wingrest Embassy

You will need to be inside the Walking Shoer again and then go to the very top right corner of the map. Once here you will want to get inside the Wingrest Embassy. Make yourself in the shown location in the picture above. The Glyph will be on top of a small tower that is broken up. You will need to fly above it directly to be able to spot it.

Number 4 Dragon Glyph – Crumbling Life Archway

This one is also on the very west of the first location. It is inside the Crumbling Life Archway which is located in The Walking Shores zone area. You can actually see it under a broken gate while flying around it. Simple to find.

Number 5 Dragon Glyph – Ruby Life Pools

For this Dragon Glyph, you will also want to be located on The Waking Shores map but right in the vicinity of the Ruby Life Pools as shown in the picture above. You will want to climb on top of this mountain hill shown on the map and you will see it. Very easy to see even from afar.

Number 6 Dragon Glyph – The Overflowing Spring

You will need to come to the Waking Shores map location. Then once here you will need to go to the west side of the map. You will find an area called The Overflowing Spring. Here you will find a very big mountain. The Dragon Glyph will actually be on top of the mountain tip hill top.

Number 7 Dragon Glyph – Life Binder Observatory

For this one, you will need to be inside The Waking Shores and then on the very top left corner of the map. Here you will see the LifeBinder Observatory. It is a tall building that will have the Dragon Glyph actually on the very top of it. Can be seen from very far away too.

Number 8 – Scalecracker Peak

This will be on the very top right corner of the map. You will need to be inside the Wandering Shores and then fly all the way up to where the arrows are in the picture above. This is called the Scalecracker Peak. It is sort of a mountain that resembles the Mordor tower of LOTR. You will need to fly to the very top of it in order to get the glyph.

It is a very tricky place to get to. Most of the time you will need to actually rest your Dragon on the mountain tiles. You will need patience to get to the top.

Number 9 – Obsidian Throne

This will be on top of the Obsidian Citadel. It is on the very west side of the map and you can clearly see it from afar. It is on the Obsidian Throne. There will be lava everywhere around this area so if you’re going for this one you need to be very careful. Basically, you will need to climb to the very top of the mountain to get it.

You will also need to rest every once in a while because you might fall off and die inside the lava. Keep patient and one step at a time until you reach this glyph.

Number 10 – Obsidian Bulwark

The last one from the dragon glyphs will be able to locate on the Obsidian Bulwark location. This is already inside the Waking Shores as you might have guessed. It is a very easy one to find. There will be a hill on the location shown in the picture above and the glyph will be on top of it.

That is everything that you need to know about the new Dragon Glyphs! We hope that this guide was useful and helped you achieve all 10 of them! Good luck!

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