WoW: Storm-Bound Chest – Dragonflight

A quick guide on how to get the Storm-Bound Chest.

In World of Warcraft, every corner of the map will have you busy with something to do. And that’s saying something, considering that World of Warcraft has several expansions that you can spend days completing to catch up to the latest expansion. With each expansion, the game adds more loot and ways to get those loot. In this guide, we will be showing you the Storm-Bound Chest, a method of earning loot by fighting a bunch of enemies and surviving waves of them.

Storm-Bound Chest – World of Warcraft

How to Get a Storm Bound Chest

The Storm-Bound Chest is an event that you can participate in to earn rewards. You will need to go to The Frosted Spine in The Old Weyrn Grounds in The Forbidden Reach. The exact coordinates of the event is 48.86, 72.66.

You will most likely find yourself with other players as well. When the event starts, work together to complete the objective, which is to charge the lightning conduits. You will have to fight Charged Drakelings and use those charges to charge the lightning conduits to get the chest open.

Eventually, you will have to face the Charged Drake, which is a much harder enemy to fight. But with the help of the other players, it shouldn’t be too hard. Once the Charged Drake is down, you can then loot the chest and get the rewards.

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