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WoW Dragonflight: Tank Tier List

Look at the angry dragon!

The Dragonflight tank tier list is based on the talent trees all these boys have. The list is not permanent, it will have upcoming changes. It’s always “bring the player, not the class” it means value the player’s skill than the class. This is our list of top Tank Tier List in Wow Dragonflight.

Tank Tier List In Wow Dragonflight

Source: MarcelianOnline from YouTube

Blood Death Knight

First, we have Blood Death Knights. This tank class has high self-sustainability, significant damage, and good single-target. These are details that make them such a powerful pick. Blood Death Knight is less compared to other of the tank classes. This class is an A-tier.

Brewmaster Monk

Brewmaster Monk has excellent utility and mobility. Brewmaster is the second-best tank spec, and the class is amazing against heavy physical damage. One of the disadvantages is their vulnerability to magical damage. Nevertheless, the Brewmaster Monk is a deserved S-tier.

Guardian Druid

Guardian Druid is a versatile tank class with good utility and excellent damage output. They have the best personal defensive cooldowns in the game. Druid’s AoE damage is the highest of all the tanks. The Druid is on the A-tier list.

Prot Pally

Prot pally deals decent damage and heals a lot. It has a lot of potential in this class, but the class didn’t upgrade. So it stays the same and needs work, which is why this class will go on the C-tier list.

Prot Warrior

Protection Warrior received significant changes, which increased his survivability. Warriors have serious physical damage, and they can escape dangerous situations. The Warriors are the only ones who can be helpful in physical-damage-oriented groups. This class is a deserved S-tier.


Vengeance Demon Hunter is one of the best tanks in the game. It is a decent class and also in a decent spot with Prot Warrior and Brewmaster. It has a great AoE damage, utility and healing. The disadvantage in Vengeance is they always struggle with the survivability.

These are the DragonFlight Tank Tier list. The prot Warrior and Vengeance at the moment are looking to be best talent trees all around design. This is our assessment on the rankings of tank, this does not mean you have to make a decision on what are you going to play in DragonFlight because they are still updating a lot of these talents.

A Big thanks to Marcelian from YouTube for providing the info of the tank tier list. You can check it out the video here: WHO WINS? Dragonflight Tank Tier List

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