WoW: Trial of the Flood | Dragonflight

Survive all the Phases!

Doing some quests in Dragonflight is pretty straightforward but isn’t easy. Having a squad or a party with you will help a lot. One such quest is the Trial of the Flood. In this guide, we shall show you where to find it and how to complete it. Let’s get started.

Trial of the Flood | Dragonflight – WoW

This is where you shall need to come to be able to start off the quest. Here you will find a Water Bound Chest. It will be just on top of the lakes so you can fly next to it. Once near it, just interact with it to get it opened.

Survive Phase

You will now begin a phase that will be Survive. It means that a lot of new enemies will be coming your way from all sorts of directions. The biggest thing that is your objective, is to simply survive and defeat all the enemies that will come for you.

The first stage will be very simple to clear. Once that is complete, you will get another phase that is basically the same just with much stronger enemies. It is a very good idea to be here with a person next to you or possibly a team because you will get a lot of enemies.

Loot Phase

There will be a couple of survival phases that you will need to complete. It isn’t anything special at all meaning that you won’t need to worry about any special types of enemies. Just survive and kill everything that comes at you.

Once that is complete, you will just loot the chest once again and you will finish the Trial of the Flood. Congratulations!

We hope that this guide has helped you out with what you needed to do in order to get this done. Have fun!

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