Z Battlegrounds: Complete January 2024 Update Guide | New SSJB Goku

What is included in the game’s latest update?

Z Battlegrounds is a fighting game on Roblox that is heavily inspired by the massively popular and iconic Dragon Ball franchise. It receives new content every now and then, and with the start of a new year comes a small but impactful update. Here is what you need to know about the latest patch of Z Battlegrounds!

Complete January 2024 Update Guide | New SSJB Goku

The latest update released just in time for the new year fixed various bugs and added new finishers for varying moves. Trunks also received two new abilities, further expanding his move set.

There were also some very minor balance and aesthetic changes to make the overall gameplay experience much smoother.

New Mastery System

The highlight of this update, however, is the mastery system, which you can check out by speaking with the NPC to the right of the leaderboard.

To unlock the new character, SSJB Goku, you must fill up your mastery by completing quests given by the new NPC mentioned above.

Z Battlegrounds mastery

One way to check your progress is by clicking on the clipboard icon on the upper right corner of the screen. This will also show you the current quest that you have.

If you are willing to spend Robux, you can speed the process up by rerolling for favorable quests or simply buying the character.

Z Battlegrounds buying ssjb goku


Once you have SSJB Goku, you can press G to activate Super Blue once the meter is full. This will play a long cutscene before granting you an entirely new set of abilities, which are the following:

  • Cosmic Rush – The user delivers a flurry of punches that ends with the target getting flung a fair distance away.
  • Dragon Counter – This move works as a counter against other attacks, and it results in you delivering a few attacks followed by a downslam that deal a lot of damage.
  • Full Force Kame – As the name implies, it is a powerful Kamehameha attack that takes a long time to charge up, making it difficult to actually hit if your opponent can move around.
Z Battlegrounds ssjb super blue

And that wraps up this summary of the new Z Battlegrounds update. More changes are in the works as of writing this, including one more new ability for the SSJB Goku move set, but for now, this is all that has been implemented in the game!

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