Planet Crafter: How To Get Unlimited Pulsar Quartz

All you have to do is be building Teleporters!

If you are a regular player of Planet Crafter you must know about the latest new patch 0.4011 that just got released. Tons of players have had a ton of issues and especially related to the new changes made to the Pulsar Quarts. Here we will talk about them and the best ways of getting an almost unlimited number of them.

How To Get Unlimited Pulsar Quarts – Planet Crafter

Everybody would say to not update to this latest patch if you are not familiar with the changes. Whatever it is you are about to try with this guide, make sure first to make a backup from everything in your game. We do not want you to lose your progress.

First, you will have to have all of your Zera Light farmed out before you want to update to this latest patch. So while you are in the old patch(or you might switch back to it from the Steam Menu) you can farm this item a bunch and then process it into Pulsar Quarts.

In the old patch, the Teleporter only takes 1 Pulsar Quarts, while in the new patch it will take 3 of them. That means that if you built a lot of Teleporters in the old patch(when their worth is lower) they will cost triple the amount in the new one(+2 gain to be precise).

This is the strategy. You will load up the older version and build as many Teleporters as you can. Then proceed to load up the new patch and play in the same world. Here you will have those same Teleporters just they will be much more worthy. Disassemble them and back to the grind of changing the game version.

Of course like we said up above, this might come with a risk. It might make the game unstable and buggy in the future. Players have given this a try and most of them do not have any issues. Still, be sure to make a backup so you do not corrupt your world. 

I hope this helped you out a bit and made you rich. It might get fixed in the future but for now it is a beautiful strategy to get very rich. Have fun!

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