Z Piece: Best Fruit Tier List

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Z Piece Best Fruit Tier List

Sometimes, there is just too many gears or items in a game for you to find out if they’re good or not. We just don’t have the time to test all of them out and see what works. This is especially true with RPGs that have a ton of items, skills, and gear.

In Z Piece, there are a lot of fruits in the game, and more are coming in future updates. You won’t have time to test all of them so we’re here to deliver you information.

In this guide, we’ll show you all of the best and worst fruits in the game in a nice little tier list. Now, let’s see what all of the fruits are!

Best Fruit Tier List

There are a lot of different fruits in Z Piece and most players don’t have the time to try all of them. So, if you got yourself a fruit and don’t know if you should keep it or sell it don’t worry. Here’s a tier list of all the best and worst fruits in the game!

SIDE NOTE: You’ll need some cash to roll for fruits in this game so here’s a detailed list of all the working codes in Z Piece for freebies!

Z Piece Fruits Tier List

S – Tier

  • Dragon – 0.1% Drop Chance. The base moves deal a ton of damage and are nothing to scoff at. Transforming gives you more moves that can easily one-shot any boss in the game.
  • Quake – 0.1% Drop Chance. Before the Dragon fruit came in this was one of the best fruits in the game. You can solo raids and fight bosses with this one and it’s not bad in PVP as well.

A – Tier

  • Buddha – 5% Drop Chance. One of the better fruits to do PVE in the game. Even just using its M1 attacks can be spammable and great for clearing mobs.
  • Light – 5% Drop Chance. It has some great moves for both PVP and PVE as well as some mobility moves. It has one of the fastest flight moves in the game as well!
  • Dough – 1% Drop Chance. Great at fighting bosses and dealing damage in PVP and PVE. It takes some time on raids but it isn’t terrible.
  • Shadow Monarch – 1% Drop Chance. It has good damage and amazing combo potential in the game. It also can be great in PVE due to the AOE attacks and isn’t bad in Raids.
  • Dark X Tremor – 1% Drop Chance. An amazing fruit in PVP with its consistently high damage.
  • Ope – 1% Drop Chance. This fruit is best used in PVE with a lot of AOE moves but can also stand on its own on PVP. It has high damage and not to mention all of the moves are flashy!
  • Kamish’s Wrath – 0.1% Drop Chance. Despite being a mythic the damage isn’t that great compared to the rest but is still above average. Its main heavy hitter is its V move.
  • Demonic Sword – 1% Drop Chance. A hard-hitting fruit that is not a fruit but is classified as one. It can deal massive damage and can one-hit most bosses.

B – Tier

  • Bomb – 35% Drop Chance. It has some great moves with good damage and can be good with combos as well. It doesn’t have any utility but offers a mean punch.
  • Sand – 10% Drop Chance. A great PVP fruit that sadly isn’t that good in PVE. It has a flight ability but it’s very slow and it doesn’t have that much in terms of AOE.
  • Fire – 10% Drop Chance. High damage output and has some good AOE moves but not so great to do PVE with. Unlike Sand, the flight move is faster.
  • Ice – 5% Drop Chance. Good in all aspects of the game except for raids where it struggles a bit. The Ice slide could have been a great mobility move if not for the fact that it’s only 30 seconds.
  • Sound – 1% Drop Chance. It has decent damage is good at PVE and can work in raids albeit slowly.
  • Ghost – 5% Drop Chance. Despite having fewer moves than most fruits it has high damage and is great in both PVP and PVE.
  • Mammoth – 1% Drop Chance. Despite the fruit letting you transform it doesn’t have that numerous of a move set. All of its attacks though are high damage and can be great for PVP.
  • Baruka Dagger – 0.1% Drop Chance. Despite it being a mythic fruit/dagger it doesn’t stand out from the other fruits in the same rarity. It has decent damage and moves though and is good for PVP.

C – Tier

  • Barrier – 35% Drop Chance. Some of the move sets aren’t that great and the damage is low compared to other fruits. It’s a great defensive fruit though and better than any of the D – Tier ones.
  • Venom Dagger – 10% Drop Chance. It has a high-damage move but is severely limited by the number of moves it has.
  • Shadow – 10% Drop Chance. The moves are a bit inconsistent to land but they do have good damage for PVP.

D – Tier

  • Spin – 65% Drop Chance. Despite only having one move it’s probably the best fruit in this tier because you can fly with it.
  • Chop – 65% Drop Chance. This fruit isn’t that great with its only strength having two AOE moves. The damage isn’t that great, there are no good combos and it’s easy to counter.
  • Kilo – 65% Drop Chance. The worst fruit in the game, since it only has two moves and one of them isn’t that useful. 0 Kilo lets you float.

Those are all of the best and worst fruits in Z Piece. Now, go out there and try to get the best ones for you! Fruits aren’t the only way you can fight in the game, check out our detailed guide on how to get the Mythic Flame Arrow!


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