Zoonomaly RP: How To Morphs Guide (Roblox)

Can we keep them as pets?

The lore in Zoonomaly RP revolves around a zoo that has been taken over by monsters. You have to enter this zoo and find the cause of the monster infestation. Eventually putting a stop to it by collecting key shards, finding puzzles and much more!

The new update just released some new morphs that everyone has been excited about. They are extremely easy to find and you’d obviously want to collect them all so stick around to see what they are and how to get them!

How To Morphs Guide

Zoonomaly has dropped 10 more sickly morphs that you have just got to collect! The character designs of these morphs are creative, and everyone is very excited to collect them all. Let’s see what those morphs are:

  1. Koala
  2. Slime
  3. Cow
  4. Frog
  5. Elephant
  6. Smile Cat
  7. Lizard
  8. Fish
  9. Stick Spider
  10. Long Giraffe
  11. Additional Morphs

Let’s begin with finding the morphs.


Start by entering the Zoonomaly area and keep going straight until you see two trees to your right. 

Koala egg morph in Zoonomaly RP

Behind the trees will be the Koala Morph, click to claim it!

Koala Morph in Zoonomaly RP

And there you have it! Your first morphs claimed. You can also go through your inventory of morphs to see if you’d like to equip any of them.

Morphs in Zoonomaly RP

Now, let’s move onto the next Morph. 


For this next one, go back to where you started by entering into Zoonomaly. Instead of turning right where the trees are, keep heading forward where you’ll see a gray building

Gray building in Zoonomaly RP

Walk up the gray building through the yellow stairs until you reach the top. On the very top, you’ll see another yellow egg which is the Slime Morph we’re searching for!

Slime morph egg in Zoonomaly RP

And there you go, another morph to our collection. See how easy all of this is?

Slime morph in Zoonomaly RP


For the cow morph, go back to where you were before the grey building with the yellow stairs and instead of approaching the building and climbing those stairs, go to the right side of the building into the forest.

Forest in Zoonomaly RP

At the end of this path, you’ll see steps leading upward and at the top is another egg. That’s where you’ll find the cow morph!

Cow morph in Zoonomaly RP


For the next morph, you can continue where you found the cow. Just exit the area and go left. When you start walking left you should already see the next egg from a distance.

Forest in Zoonomaly RP

Go straight on to the oath that leads to the egg and then turn right into the plot with the yellow egg. This egg should be sitting in a little house, ready for you to collect it. And that’s how you get your frog morph!


The next yellow egg is very near. In fact, it’s in the plot right in front of the frog one. So start by exiting the plot and head forward into the next fenced area.

Heading to golden egg in Zoonomaly RP

The egg is right there in the open ready for you to collect.

Elephant morph in Zoonomaly RP

Smile cat 

You’ll find the smile cat morph at the opposite end of this same pathway. Leave the fenced area and go to the adjacent side. The place will look like a little tomb and it will have the morph you seek in the form of a yellow egg. Just like the rest of them.

Egg in in Zoonomaly RP

Head over there and collect the Smile Cat morph. 


This time, start back to being in front of the gray building where we went looking for the cow morph. Instead of going to the right side of the building, this time go left. 

Then go straight and left again when you see your first turn.

Forest in Zoonomaly RP

Then keep going straight and you’ll encounter a new aquatic themed area. Walk inside the fish display that’s on the right of you and there will be another yellow egg.


Now, head out and keep progressing forward. When you exit the aquatic themed area from the other side, you will encounter a campfire. That’s how you know you’re in the right place. You will also see a bunch of sheds. Head into this area and straight ahead, a little to your right will be your next morph which is a fish. 

Egg in campfire area in Zoonomaly RP

The egg will be underneath a shed as shown in the image above.

Stick Spider

Once again, go back to being in front of that gray building and proceed to go to your left side, then straight. 

This time, instead of turning left again, keep heading straight and go straight into the forest. At one point, you’ll find yourself jumping down on another platform underneath. 

Forest in Zoonomaly RP

When you jump down, to your left, you should see your golden egg sitting there in the open. Time to collect!

Golden egg in Zoonomaly RP

With this egg, you’ll get a creepy looking stick spider. All of this effort seems worth it because all Morphs are very cool. Now, it’s time for one final morph, which is the long giraffe. 

Long Giraffe

Obtaining the Long Giraffe is pretty straightforward and the most simplest out of all because it’s a free morph! All you have to do is go to Morphs and click on “join group.” 

Long giraffe morph in Zoonomaly RP

Doing this will automatically give you a creepy free long Giraffe.

Long Giraffe in Zoonomaly RP

Additional Morphs

If you to your Morphs tab, you’ll see a morph that requires you to buy premium in order to unlock it and that’s how you get it.

Morphs in Zoonomaly RP

There is another morph that says 5000 Likes. For this one, you have to press like 5000 times. All of your likes will show at the bottom left corner of your screen. 

Likes to obtain free morph in Zoonomaly RP

And that’s it for all the new morphs! Let us know if you’ve managed to get every single one of them and how long it took you! While you’re here, also check out this guide on How To Find Zoo Fish (All New Morphs Unlocked) in Zoonomaly Morph World!


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