Black Clover M: Mono Blue Meta Guide & Info

All blues with massive damage and defenses!

Mono Blue Team in Black Clover M Charlotte S3

With each new update comes changes and with it the meta shifts in a game. Usually, the meta of games change after the patch drops but sometimes you get a chance to see the upcoming changes.

Black Clover M is a gacha game that has already been released in other Asian countries. With that knowledge, the global audience can look at the Asian versions of the game and see what the next patch is.

In this guide, we’ll go through the Mono Blue meta that is going to be formed with Clover Academy Charlotte. Now, let’s see what kind of combos and builds we can do with her!

Mono Blue Meta Guide & Info

So, what is the Mono Blue meta? It’s a build in game that uses [Clover Academy] Charlotte with other Technique or (blue) units like Luck. The great thing about this Charlotte unit is that it has some amazing buffs and debuffs that it can throw for PVP.

SIDE NOTE: Charlotte is a great unit that can even be better with the right build so here’s a detailed guide on how to build S3 Charlotte!

The two skills that we’ll be focusing on are Skill 2 “Preview & Review” and the Special Skill “Clover Academy Instructor’s Skill.”

  • The former grants all allies a massive 40% increase on ALL ATK which just works well for any team build.
  • The latter grants all allies a 60% chance to counterattack which is also great. 60% might not sound that good but it can clutch some matches and surprise you.
Black Clover M Charlotte Attack

An example of a great Mono Blue team is Clover Academy Charlotte, Julius, William Vengeance, and Lotus Whomalt.

Fighting other meta builds like with Swimsuit Noelle won’t be a problem if you go with William’s Special Skill and Charlotte’s Combined Attack.

This will give you a massive fortify buff for all allies. There are a lot of combos you can do with this team.

Black Clover M Mars Attack

In this team most of the damage will come from Julius or if you get counterattacks using Charlotte’s special skill. Lotus is there to debuff the enemy and make sure they don’t do damage to you.

Charlotte’s Skill 2 works with everyone and is a great way to stack buffs and deal massive damage. You can also switch out Lotus for Mars if you want to do stuns instead.

That’s the gist of how the Mono Blue Meta works in Black Clover M. Now. go out there and try it out yourself!

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