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A dwarf life in any game is simple, you dig, fight and drink. Whether you’re in a fantasy setting or a sci-fi one dwarves will always be dwarves and Deep Rock Galactic follows this rule. The game is addicting, fun and you can even play it with friends. Dig for resources, fight big bugs and go back home to drink and throw barrels around. The game also features 4 different classes with different weapons and upgrades for those weapons. That means there’s a lot of builds you can try out and in this guide we’ll show you a couple of great builds for the Engineer!

Deep Rock Galactic: 5 Engineer Builds For Every Job

The Engineer is a very versatile class in Deep Rock Galactic that has great utility for the team as well as good offensive and defensive capabilities with his turrets and wide array of weapons. There’s a bunch of different builds you can get for this build and in this guide we’ll show you 5 of them.

General Purpose Build

Source: ReapeeRon – YouTube

Starting off with a more generalized build, this build uses the LOK-1 Smart Rifle and Breach Cutter as the weapons. This build can deal with a wide range of threats and the Smart Rifle with the Explosive Chemical Rounds overclock really helps with clearing out waves and tougher enemies.

Source: ReapeeRon – YouTube

Single Target Build

Source: ReapeeRon – YouTube

As the build name shows, this build is amazing for single targets. You can set up this build for fighting bosses or if you really just want those praetorians to disappear faster. The LOK-1 Smart Rifle with the Executioner overclock just makes it amazing at weak point damage and paired with the direct damage of the Deepcore 40MM PGL with Hyper Propellant just makes any single thing dead in seconds.

Source: ReapeeRon – YouTube

Crowd Control Build

Source: ReapeeRon – YouTube

This build is great for dealing with swarms. This uses the Stubby Voltaic SMG with the Turret EM Discharge which is great for making a large electric explosion around your turrets that deal damage at a wide area. The Breach Cutter with the Spinning Death is also good not only for destroying swarms but when you need to save a teammate you can shoot one at them and revive them because the spinning lasers don’t hurt you!

Source: ReapeeRon – YouTube

Ammo Build

Source: ReapeeRon – YouTube

If there’s one thing the Engineer struggles with it’s Ammunition. With this build you won’t have to worry about that because it maximizes your ammo count! With all the ammo mods for the Warthog Auto 210 and the Mini Shells overclock you’ll have ammunition for days. Along with the Shard Diffractor with the Efficiency Tweaks and you can have even more ammo on your secondary!

Source: ReapeeRon – YouTube

Fun Build

Source: ReapeeRon – YouTube

Now for the fun build, this can be subjective and you can just build whatever you want. Here we have the Warthog Auto 210 with maximized rate of fire so that you can throw all that ammo away at anything that moves. The Deepcore 40MM PGL with the RJ250 Compound is fun since you can basically jump around with the grenade launcher, it can work on teammates as well!

Source: ReapeeRon – YouTube

Congratulations you now know some of the great builds for Engineer, now go out there and try what you want! Many thanks to ReapeeRon for showing everyone their builds, if you need more information on the subject then go check their video out here: 5 Engineer Builds For Every Job | Deep Rock Galactic – YouTube

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