A Brand-New Extraction Shooter From Bungie?

A mix of Destiny and Escape from Tarkov? – Sounds Good!

Nothing in the gaming industry is fully confirmed, until, well until it is confirmed. So that is the case about what we will be talking about in this article itself. We got a little something from Bungie showing us that they are working on a new project. In this article, we will discuss what that new project, and if an Extraction Shooter, might be. Let’s get started.

A Brand-New Extraction Shooter From Bungie?

Bungie has recently stated that they not only plan to reshape Destiny but also that they have other projects working in the background. This message that they have sent has directly said that until 2025 there will be a new accomplishment done by Bungie and that they plan to follow a specific path.

Source – FalloutPlays

There are some who believe that Bungie’s new project and goal is to bring back the Marathon series. If you are unfamiliar with the Marathon games, it is a game that came out in 1994 on the Mac. This is what it looks like:

Source – FalloutPlays

Marathon was a firstperson shooter that was supposed to be a competition to the classic PC shooter – Doom. The game is taking place in the future and outside in the dark and wide space. It features you, the player, a security officer inside a ship attempting to stop an alien invasion that is trying to board a colony ship called The Marathon.

There are actually 2 sequels to the original because originally the game had very good feedback and reviews. The latest sequel came out in 1996, 2 years after the original release.

Source – FalloutPlays

Some believe that the new game will be this 3 man Extraction based Shooter that will have to do something with The Marathon. It might be a game that will resemble and work like the much-successful Escape from Tarkov.

There might be a loot system like some people believe, and most likely you will lose all of your loot if you do happen to die. It might feature a military realism like Tarkov, but we will lean and say that it will be much more with the Destiny style of sci-fi fast fighting which we definitely enjoy.

The new upcoming game from Bungie is also expected to have a wide service game mode with a lot of rewards and seasonal progression. This might be to the trademark that Bungie called Matter, connected with copyright and competition business matters. We hope and think that it doesn’t have to do anything with The Marathon and is a different thing altogether.

Source – FalloutPlays

What Bungie is trying to do with this new project is to minimize the number of queue times, as well as no load times. Meaning that we might just be able to jump from one place to the next without waiting a whole lot.

Bungie has worked with Destiny for quite a lot of time in the past. Learning from past mistakes, as they did have plenty, will certainly be welcomed for the next upcoming game. Whether it is really The Marathon or not, only time will tell. Until then we shall be the first to let you know of any news that comes out! A big thank you to FalloutPlays from YouTube for the helpful info and details.

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