Adopt Me: Week 5 Winter Festival Guide | Final Week

Cuteness overload!

This week, the charming and adorable Roblox game Adopt Me—in which you can raise legendary pets, create your ideal home, and play role-playing games with friends—will receive an update for the winter festival.

In this guide for the Week 5 Winter Festival, which is the last week for the event, we are going to take a look at everything that will be added to the game.

Week 5 Winter Festival Guide

On the week 5 Winter Festival update, there will be tons of cute additions to the game. One of them is an adorable, ultra-rare pet that you can purchase with 58,000 gingerbread.

Snow Monkey

Next up, there will be a cute stocking stroller shaped like a winter stocking that will be available to purchase for 6,900 gingerbread. It will go perfectly well together with your new cuddly monkey pet!

Adopt Me: Week 5 Winter Festival

Since the new year is just around the corner, another addition to the game will be 2024 glasses. Just like its name suggests, you can purchase these cool-looking glasses for 2024 gingerbread.

Make sure to get it, so that you can get your character ready for the new year!

2024 Glasses

If you think these new items are looking pretty cool, just wait until you see the holiday fireworks cycle.

It is an amazing-looking cycle shaped like a firework, and you can get it for 999,000 gingerbread.

Adopt Me: Week 5 Winter Festival

Last but not least, there will also be an ultra-rare fireworks launcher that actually lets you launch fireworks into the sky. However, this one costs 60 Robux rather than gingerbreads.

Along with these festive-inspired additions to the game, there will also be a limited-time discount on the Robux store of the game. You can get exclusive bux bundles with a discount.

So, if you are planning to purchase a bundle, now is a great time to do it.

Buy Bux Discount

Double Bux & Aging

Starting this Friday and lasting up until Tuesday the week after, there will be a double bux and an aging weekend in the game.

You are going to be able to double the bux, and you will be able to age up your pets twice as fast during this time.

Adopt Me: Week 5 Winter Festival

That is it for the updates for the final week. We hope that this Adopt Me: Week 5 Winter Festival Guide was beneficial for you. If you have anything else on your mind, feel free to share it by leaving a comment below. We wish you a happy week!

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