Project XL: Best Mangekyo Sharingan Tier List

Let’s have a look at the very best Mangekyo Sharingan Eyes in Project XL, shall we?

Fear the Eyes in Project XL.
Now this is power.

Roblox is pretty amazing, isn’t it? Want an RPG about your favorite anime game? Want to play it for free? Roblox has everything. In fact, Project XL is undoubtedly one of the best games in the platform’s list. I’m going to go ahead and prove that by giving you the definitive Project XL: Best Mangekyo Sharingan Tier List.

Best Mangekyo Sharingan Tier List

So, first and foremost, let’s place the star of the show — the Tier List — front and center.

The Project XL Mangekyo Sharingan Tier list.
Here’s the list!

Okay, so I know what you’re thinking. That… doesn’t really do much as far as understanding the list goes. Well, you’re preaching to the choir, which is why I also have a list ready to ensure that you get everything you need out of this list! Make sure to look up how you can level up fast, too!

S Tier Skills (The Best of the Best)

  • Legendary Madara’s Mangekyo Sharingan – This is the very best pair of eyes you can get in Project XL. 100% Crit, 100% Dodge Chances, Major Speed Boost, and Half-Cooldowns on all abilities. These eyes have it all. In fact, you’ll find that most of the other eyes on this list don’t even come close.
  • Legendary Obito Mangekyo Sharingan – You can expect all the Legendary Eyes to be extremely powerful, and this one is no exception. These eyes give you access to Execution when you’re under 40% health, which comes in clutch.

A Tier Skills (Fantastic Overall)

  • Itachi V1 Mangekyo Sharingan – This gives you access to the Legendary Amaterasu, which is an extremely useful skill. Overall, the best that A Tier has to offer.
  • Madara V2 Mangekyo Sharingan – You can get x2 Damage for 5 seconds with Blue Susano’o. Overall it’s pretty good, and it looks extremely cool.
Farming in Project XL.
If you’re looking to farm, you’ll need the best Uchiha Eyes you can get.

B Tier Skills (Pretty Good)

  • Indra’s Mangekyo Sharingan – The cool thing about this particular sharingan is the fact that you get to stun your opponents (as well as the excellent damage). The effects are pretty cool as well, which is why it’s a solid B Tier skill. Of course, you’ll need to learn more if you intend to power up in the game, so make sure you read up!
  • Obito’s Mangekyo Sharinga – It makes you Untouchable for about three seconds. Aside from this there are a few other nifty little bonuses. Overall, this is good, but it’s bottom of B Tier.

C Tier Skills (It’s Just Okay)

  • Sasuke’s Susano’o Mangekyo Sharingan – It pretty much makes you invincible for a set amount of time, which isn’t bad. Of course, there are better eyes out there, but this one’s decent.
  • Izuna’s Mangekyo Sharingan – It does the same thing as the Susano’o, so it’s still a pretty good skill overall. Not great, but still good.

D Tier Skills (Nope…)

  • Itachi V2 Mangekyo Sharingan – It protects you from being stunned, burned, or poisoned. That’s it. Honestly, this is probably the worst of the lot.

That’s the list! Honestly, the Best Mangekyo Sharingan Tier List is only the tip of the iceberg as far as Project XL goes. After all, Naruto is just one of many, MANY shows given love in the game. So, make sure to have a look out some guides on other Project XL tier lists as well!


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