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All Fishing Spot Locations In Enkanomiya – Genshin Impact

Are there new fishes on Enkanomiya Island?

Inazuma has a new region called Enkanomiya! Now travelers may be wondering, what exactly can we get if we try fishing in Enkanomiya? Well here is a short guide on all the fishing spots in Enkanomiya and the unique fishes you can get in them. 

Fishing Spot Locations In Enkanomiya — Genshin Impact

There are a total of 3 Fishing Spots in Enkanomiya. Bring your Fishing Rod and craft your Fake Fly Bait. You can craft your Fake Fly Bait in the crafting table for 1 Sakura Bloom and 1 Sakura Tail. 

Keep in mind that you have to unlock the bait formula first by purchasing it from Nantuck in the Mondstadt Fishing Association. 

All of the Fishing Spots in Enkanomiya give either Divda Ray or Formalo Ray. These fishes are attracted to Fake Fly Bait. Once you are ready, head to the northwestern teleport waypoint of the Serpent’s Heart and glide down to the northwesternmost edge of the map. 

Get inside the ruins here until a small pond near the metal gates. In the same entrance to the ruins from earlier, go east this time until you see a small fishing spot surrounded by stone pillars. 

The last fishing spot is on the southern part of the Serpent’s Bowels. The fishing spot is inside the mountain and you have to stand on a coral platform to fish on it. 

And that completes all the fishing spot locations in Enkanomiya, happy fishing!

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