All Free Carrot Potions In Wacky Wizards – Vegetables Update

Unlock a transformation with the correct Carrot Potion recipe. Learn it all with this comprehensive guide!

Wacky Wizards in Roblox just released a new Vegetable update. This update allows you to brew potions that can change your appearance. This guide will show you all the free Carrot Potions you can brew with the recent Vegetable update. 

Free Carrot Potion Recipes — Wacky Wizards Roblox

Here are the different recipes for brewing free Carrot Potions:

1) If you want to become Mr. Potatohead, you need a Carrot and a Gingerbread Man. 

2)  Mrs. Potatohead requires the same ingredients: Carrot and Gingerbread Man, with the addition of a fairy. 

3) To get Celery Legs, you need a Carrot and a Giraffe Hoof. 

4) You will need a Carrot and a Pool Noodle if you want to get Celery Arms

5) If you would like to transform into a bunny, combine a Carrot and a Frog. 

6) To get Vitamin A Vision, use a Carrot and a Walking Cane. 

7) Do you want to become a Sad Onion? Use a Carrot and a Fish to create a potion.! 

8) If you want to become an eggplant instead, use a Carrot and a 2021 pumpkin. 

9) To become a Ketchup, use a Carrot and an Eggcano. 

10) Who does not love a Ketchup flamethrower? Combine a carrot, Eggcano, and a Gun to get one!. 

11) To transform into a melon, you will need a Carrot and Chameleon. 

12) You can become a Mole if you combine a carrot and the undead. 

13) To transform into a mushroom, use a carrot and a Cooked Turkey. 

14) Combine a carrot and a chili to transform them into a tomato-morphing potion. 

15) If you want to become an avocado, combine carrots and beans. 

16)  Do you want a tomato grenade? Combine a Carrot and a Dynamite to create a Tomato Grenade.  

17) Lastly, use a Carrot and a Spider to transform into a salad

How to use the ingredients

If you want to create a carrot potion, simply throw all the necessary ingredients in the cauldron. After combining all the ingredients, click on the cauldron to spawn the carrot potion. 

Have fun creating transformation potions!

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