All Materials Guide in Undertale: Universal Massacre

Get to crafting, we need to defeat Sans!

Undertale fans have taken it upon themselves to build a Roblox RPG game inspired by the popular game Undertale called Undertale: Universal Massacre. You can join in to fight Undertale AU’s, mainly sans, collect gold and crafting items. To craft items, you’ll need materials, and this guide will show you how to get all of the materials in the game so keep reading!

All Materials Guide

First off, the materials in this guide will be used for these crafting recipes at the Crafting Anvil in Ruins. Some of these materials have the potential to craft really good useful weapons like the Reaper Chara Scythe and Soul Sword

Craftable items in Undertale: Universal Massacre

Now, each of the materials also has a 50% chance of dropping from their respective bosses. You can even check out your material menu to see the materials you have available in your inventory as well as the amount of that certain material.

Materials in Undertale: Universal Massacre

Next up, let’s take a look at the materials and how to obtain them, starting with wood and copper. We will progress from the easiest to obtain, all the way to the more difficult ones. 


You can find copper from bosses with easy difficulty. The easy difficulty portals will be green

Easy bosses in Undertale: Universal Massacre


You can find Iron/Silver by fighting the bosses in the medium difficulty level. More specifically, you can spot the medium difficulty portals by watching out for portals that are yellow. 

Medium bosses in Undertale: Universal Massacre


You may find some Titanium/Platinum by defeating bosses from the Hard difficulty level. You can discover these bosses from the red portal.


This is one of the most difficult to obtain. Obtaining obsidian/adamantite will require you to defeat bosses from the extreme level difficulty. You can identify an extreme level portal by looking for a purple portal. 

Void Shard

A boss called Gaster, or enemies with Void difficulty may drop Void shards once you defeat them.

Gaster in Undertale: Universal Massacre

So, that’s all the materials you’ll need to craft your favorite items. You can keep defeating bosses and collect as many as you need as required by the item you wish to craft. 

Note: Chaotic and Unfairness difficulty level bosses do not drop any materials

Before we conclude this guide, there’s one more type of material we haven’t mentioned yet. Let’s look at what it is.

Some unobtainable Materials

The last type of material is called Cursed Soul Fragment. These are dropped from Halloween event bosses, so they are currently unobtainable. They’re expected to be obtainable around October, so sit tight!

Cursed soul fragment description in Undertale: Universal Massacre

And those are all the materials in the game Undertale: Universal Massacre. It’s time you get to crafting immediately! And if you’d like to learn more about the souls, we have just the thing for you. Check out this guide on All Souls Guide in Undertale: Universal Massacre!


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