All Souls Guide in Undertale: Universal Massacre

Become a Soul Collector!

Undertale: Universal Massacre is a Roblox RPG game that revolves around fighting Undertale AU’s, mainly sans. The game has a lot of fun features like gaining items, gold and experience to progress and unlocking SOULs. Before you unlock the souls, you might want to learn more about them. Luckily for you, we have a comprehensive guide on all souls in Undertale: Universal Massacre.

All Souls Guide

So, if you’re familiar with the game, you’d know you need to first defeat the bosses in order to obtain their souls. Therefore, this guide will essentially show you how to defeat each boss so you can collect their soul!

Most of the souls are very easy to beat, the key is to be on your toes and not to let your guard down.  Here is the list of souls from Undertale: Universal Massacre that we will be strategizing to defeat:

  1. Integrity
  2. Kindness
  3. Bravery
  4. Justice
  5. Patience
  6. Perseverance
  7. Determination

Now, let’s start with going into the Soul temple. In this guide, I’ll explain how to defeat each of the bosses, so let’s begin!

Soul temple in Undertale: Universal Massacre.


The blue orb represents Integrity so head to the blue orb in the room to start the fight with this boss. 

Integrity in Undertale: Universal Massacre.

From here, when you click GO, you should spawn in another room. This boss will drag a long range attack around the room. 

Integrity boss in Undertale: Universal Massacre.

Normally, players would jump over it when it reaches in your direction. But there’s an easier way. The attack doesn’t reach the corners of the battleground because it goes around in a circle and the arena is square. The strategy for this boss is to stand in the corner for 60 seconds. 

Once those 60 seconds are up, you win! It’s time to move onto the next boss.


Head over to Kindness which is the green heart shaped orb and start the boss battle with this one. The boss will constantly release small beams coming for you. 

Kindness Boss in Undertale: Universal Massacre.

The strategy for this one is to hold jump and go in circles to dodge the incoming attacks. Do this until the 60 seconds are up and you win!


Now, to the orange glowing heart orb called bravery. 

Bravery in Undertale: Universal Massacre.

This boss’s attack is similar to integrity but the attacks are coming at a faster rate and a bit of a different pattern. It also sends waves of orange blades to the sides. 

The strategy to get through this boss fight is to hop back and forth between a single spot of the battle ground. Keep this up for 60 seconds. 


Next up is Justice, which is another easy one to stay alive through. Head to the Yellow heart shaped glowing orb to start the boss battle with Justice. 

The Justice boss will hit pellets at you from the top. The pellets will get faster as you progress and start nearing the end. 

Justice boss in Undertale: Universal Massacre.

To get past this boss, stay further away from the shots as you circle the boss. You basically need to stick to the corner to better evade the attacks while running in circles. This is somewhat similar to Kindness’ boss fight strategy.

You don’t even need to keep this up for the entire 60 seconds. The fight stops when there are only 10 seconds left and you win this boss battle as well. 


Patience is represented by a Blue color heart shaped glowing orb so that’s where you should go next. This is one of the slightly harder ones, so brace yourselves and get ready. 

This boss will attack a whole fleet of tiny blades at you. It looks like it’s coming in random directions but there definitely is a pattern. The mini blades target the spot you were previously at so just walk away to avoid it. 

Patience boss in Undertale: Universal Massacre.

You need to walk across the room in a straight line. When you reach a corner, jump and turn around. Continue walking in a straight line, rinse and repeat until 60 seconds are up and you win this round, too. 


Purple is identified as a purple heart shaped orb and is also known to be one of the harder ones. This boss will start throwing attacks at you in the form of negative words like Hatred and Murder. To avoid these attacks, start at one corner of the field. Wait a few seconds for the attacks to come near, then jump on the boss’s head and go to the other side.

Perseverance boss in Undertale: Universal Massacre.

Then, walk beside it to get back to your initial side. This method should be really effective, so repeat until the 60 seconds are up. 


Congratulations, you’ve gotten this far and now you have only one left. You’ve truly shown determination throughout this quest. Now, it’s time to defeat the Determination boss itself. 

Probably one of the hardest ones of the bunch but this opinion is subjective and you may even find this one easier. Let’s find out. 

The boss will throw lasers or knives in your direction. So, the strategy is to move in a square shape outlining the room and jump at points when the lasers are coming at you to avoid getting hit by them. 

determination boss fight in Undertale: Universal Massacre.

Do not be intimidated by this boss because it’s definitely easy to complete if you know what you’re doing. You may not get it in the first or second try, but you should get it in the next few. And that was the last soul!

If you already didn’t know, you can use these souls to craft the Soul Sword, how exciting! While you’re here, check out this other Roblox game inspired by the bleach anime Type Soul. This is a Tier list of the Best Schrift in the game! 


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